Things You Should Know About Essential Oil Diffuser

December 11th, 2017



In recent years, essential oil diffusers are popular with more and more people. The small device is widely used at home, office and many reaction places, for working, sleeping, relaxing, SPA, Yoga and many occasions. 

What is essential oil diffuser?

Some people regard the diffuser as a kind of humidifier or air purifier to fresh air, while some think it is an alternative of treatment which can be traced back to the history of aromatherapy. Long time ago, aromatherapy was an important and effective way to heal illness by use of herbs. Actually, both are correct. The oil diffuser is beneficial to body wellness by improving the quality of air. 

The oil diffuser can refresh room air like humidifier does, to create a cooler and healthy living or working environment for you. What is different is that the oil diffuser can also give off fragrance by using various essential oils. Essential oils are extracted from natural plants and have been used in medical throughout history. Today, the oils are also used for beauty maintain. So, the essential oil diffusers are the combination of humidifier and aromatherapy. 

How does essential oil diffuser work?

Essential oils first resolve the water molecules and plant essential oil into tiny cool and aroma mists and release them into the air by high frequency oscillation. The oscillation is generated by a ultrasonic vibration system. You can see many diffusers have the characteristic of ultrasonic. The ultrasonic oil diffuser fill the room air with fragrance and moisten the dry ail in winter by atomizing the water and natural oils. The room humidity will become higher and produce a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions which can influence human nervous system and blood circulation to work in a way that is beneficial to health. 

Apart from beneficial to health, the cool and aroma mist from oil diffuser has many other benefits. As the diffuser can fresh room air, you can gain stronger focus on work and study. It can refresh your mind like the drinking of coffee when you’re feeling tired. You can get relaxed and release stress before sleeping or after long time of work. The essential oil diffuser is perfect for many fitness exercises like Yoga, SPA. To many people, the oil diffuser is a fashion trend, admirable culture and also a precious spirit comfort.    

How to use the essential oil diffuser?

It is very easy to use the diffuser. Most oil diffusers can be charged by USB port or AC plug. Add some pure water and one or two drops of essential oils in to the water tank. Then you can adjust the time, mist mode and other functions according to its operation instruction. The capacity of diffusers are various for your different needs. Larger capacity can offer longer continuous service time. And there are also many kinds of essential oils for your option. Choose one based on your own taste. 

Finally, the oil diffuser is also a special home décor. Many diffuser humidifiers are designed in different shapes, or made of different materials to give different visual perception and hand feeling. Here you can see plastic diffusers, glass diffusers, wooden diffusers and floral diffusers. Now let’s be pleasant to see them now. 


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BESTEK glass oil diffuser 

BESTEK floral oil diffuser 

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