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December 20th, 2017


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As it is said that one apple a day can keep doctors away, healthy daily easts of fruits and vegetables are beneficial for you to build a healthy body, which is an important steps toward your best life. To have optimum health, your body needs to take in enough nutrients from foods to the large extent. 

Fruits and vegetables are recognized as the most valuable healthy foods full of nutrition that human body needs. You can get rich vitamins, protein, carbohydrate, Mineral nutrition and other things you need. In today’s life, blender and juice extractor are the two widely used home appliances for people to make delicious and healthy beverages blended or extracted directly from fruits or vegetables at home to add more nutrients before or after eating. But some of you are still confused which one they should choose. Here you can see the difference between blender and extractor. 

Blender can’t separate juice and pulps

Blender cuts and grinds fruits and vegetables by sharp blades. The motor of a blender rotates so fast that it can provide you juice very fast. But the final results contain almost everything you add into the cup, including fruit rinds, vegetable fibers, seeds, pulps, etc. In this case, juices made by blenders may taste not as good as that made by a juicer. You need to chew the pulps when drinking juice at the same time.

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The juice extractor can successfully extract juice from fruits and vegetables fibers. This is a separation process that is important for juice extraction and nutrition value. Your body doesn’t have to spend much time to digest the juice without fibers which should be degraded first before taken in. 

Blenders are not only good at making juice

Actually, blenders are not only used for making fruit juice, but also can be used to cut meat, grind beans, stir soya-bean milk, and compatible with many other foods.  

Though a blender can’t fully separate juice and pulps, an extractor still can’t replace its role in real life. Blenders have wider applications to allow you make other delicious beverages like smoothies. The smartest way is to synthetically use both blender and juice extractor. You can first make juice by an extractor, and pour the juice into blender. Add some other ingredients like. When you add fruits like bananas and pears with low water content into the juice, you can get a tasteful smoothie. If you add some foods full of fibers like malts, you can get a healthy drink that is beneficial for you digestive system. 

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Beverages by blenders are healthier

From the view of nutriology, less nutrition is compromised by a blender than a juicer because blenders can reserve more nutritious contents from foods without fiber failures. As mentioned above, juice made by extractor may taste better. So, there will be a choice for you – do you want more nutrients or better taste? 

In our daily life, both blenders and juice extractors can allow you to make healthy juice from fruits or vegetables and meet your need of necessary nutritious. The two kitchen appliances can also help you to make other different foods. Which one to buy should be based on your own needs. If it is affordable, you can have both. That may be better. 

Now that you should be aware of the difference between blenders and juice extractors, just go to bring the one you like home. Your life will be better with smarter helper. 

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