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2018-01-03 01:53:46


Thanks to rapid development of technology, smart electronics are emerging endlessly and life becomes easier and easier. However, when living standards reach to a certain point where problems in life can be handled easily by various means, people in modern times often turn to pursue for higher quality of life. When there are too many products with similar functions, then those which are different in design can win more appreciation. 

High quality of products are what BESTEK always centers on, and how to add colors to life at the time when life becomes easier is what BESTEK have explored and will keep going for. Inspiration comes from real life. Some of BESTEK products are introduced into novelty ideals on the basic of no ruins in product performance. So, such products with both good functions and special designs can truly bring life to a higher level. Here you can see some incredibly designed products from BESTEK. 

Coffee cup power inverter 

Power inverters are the best car companion for travellers to juice up electronic devices on the road. When talking about car power inverter, you may first think of how many outlets it has, how fast it can charger, how long is the power cord, etc. while BESTEK also thinks of how to make power inverter handier and funnier.  

Which one is the BESTEK coffee cup 200w power inverter among so many Coco Cola? 

The coffee cup power inverter is as handy as the coco cola bottle and same colored. That makes the inverter portable, unique and stylish, which is ideal for travel anywhere you go. The cup design can definitely fit into the car DC socket without occupying any space.  

Mouse shaped car cigarette lighter


This mouse cigarette lighter is incredibly designed in both appearance and functions. The first time you look at the device, you may think it is a mouse for computer or tablet, but it is a car cigarette lighter that can allow you to charge devices in car. For electronic lovers, the mouse shape makes them look cooler and stylish when taking it out. Smooth surface makes it reflective in light and ensures good texture. Besides, the cigarette lighter splitter is also unique in its function design. Different from other car chargers that offer charging outlets in one direction, BESTEK mouse car cigarette lighter distributes all the charging outlets in different directions so that people sitting in different positions can reach the power. The two sockets are on each side for left and right use. The three USB ports are facing to the left, the right and the back, allowing the driver, co-pilot and backseat passengers to share the electricity. 

Cute little bear power strip 


The USB power strip looks like an adorable little bear. When the small gadget is used to charge other devices, it also brings much liveliness to your room and makes you feel more relaxed. This lovely power strip has four AC outlets and two USB ports and two USB ports are just the bow tie for the bear. It is a perfect room décor for girls’ room and school students, and also a nice presents for your mother or confidantes. The little bear power strip is not just an electronic device, but a good friend in your life. 

Snail multi-USB charger


The design inspiration is from the lovely and diligent snail. In this point, the snail USB charger is also a fine desktop décor. The device has various colors for your option as you like, blue, white, red and orange, to add colors to your room. The four USB ports are well distributed in order along the back of the snail without any cable clutter. To make this funny USB charger more functional, there comes with a USB C port to allow charging Macbook Pro, Pixel XL Google, iPhone, iPad, etc. Compact but universal, the 4-port USB charger can be used worldwide with 100V to 240V input voltage. No matter at home, office, or in other countries, the smart snail multi-USB charger can meet your needs. 

Detachable LED desk lamp 


The same with many other LED desk lamps, BESTEK detachable desk light is also dimmable, adjustable and eye-protection. You can use the light for reading, studying, relaxing and sleeping and the special dual USB ports can allow you charging two other mobile devices at max 2.4A. What is different from others about this table light is that its lamp head is detachable and can be used as a handheld flashlight when you’re looking for something at night or for emergency when there is power failure. The lamp head is built-in rechargeable 1600mAh Li-on battery to ensure up to 90mins long working time. And it also has 3 adjustable brightness levels to fit for different occasions. Therefore, this detachable desk lamp is the combination of table light and flashlight.

Products that are designed with innovation are everywhere in life now. These incredibly designed products help you deal with many daily life problems and also make life more colorful and interesting at the same time. When you live such an easier and funnier life, you can deeply feel the greatness of technology and mind.  

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