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2018-01-10 02:01:59


At present, wireless technology is widely used in many areas. Modern people now are tending to pursue everyday electronics that are not only more functional and powerful, but also more lightweight and portable, to save time, energy and human force. Thanks to the rapid development of science and technology, life becomes easier and easier. 

Wireless technology mainly includes types – Wireless FM, Wireless Infrared and Wireless Bluetooth. Up to now, due to the increasingly advanced wireless technology, data communication and multimedia also blossoms and boosts the third generation of mobile communication as well. You can easily get the access to wireless products like wireless cellphone charger, Bluetooth speakers, and Bluetooth mouse. Intelligent wireless technology represents the next level of productive force emancipation. In the near future, wireless technology will be applied to more areas. Wireless time is coming soon. How many wireless products do you have?

BESTEK keeps up the pace of the current and never miss any advanced technology that can really help customers. Wireless technology has applied to many BESTEK products. 

Qi Wireless Cellphone Charging Pad

Most cellphone chargers now come with a long cable and you have to plug it in and out of the right place of a cellphone every time it is dying. That would be messy and damage cellphone charge port because of multiple times of plugging in and out. Wireless charger starts charging your cellphone once you place it on the charger. You don’t have to find the right charging position even at night. Compact like a cellphone, the wireless charger is easy to take and use as long as you have a tablet when you’re out for business. 

Wireless WiFi switch

Not all the home appliances can be remotely controlled like digital television or air conditioner. A wireless WiFi switch can allow you to control up to 20 electric appliances simultaneously. Built-in schedule function allows 10 time setting commands of powering on or off automatically to save energy. You can freely control your household devices by paring it with your smartphone or tablet running IOS 8 or higher when there’s network. Besides, it has two charging stations for other electronics. With one such WiFi switch, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from home automation easily. 

Wireless Motion Sensor Light 

Most people now are having lightings in the kitchen, cabinet, closet or hallway but you have to turn all the lights off before you go out or go to bed. Sometimes you may forget that and just leave the lamp lighting on. The wireless motion sensor lights is so intelligent that it can automatically turn on once detecting any sense of human motion and turn off when the motion is 3 meters away, to save money and energy. The light is lithium battery powered and easy to install with by sticking on anywhere you want. The sensor light bar is suitable for kitchen, bedroom, cabinet, closet, or washroom, to make your home bright and warm. 

Wireless Doorbell

Do you have such concern that you may miss any important guest even though you’re at home? Sometimes you may not hear the sound of knocking on the door when you’re doing something or in a room that is not near to the door. BESTEK wireless doorbell comes with a wide range of 500ft and a good voice system. Don’t be worried that you can’t hear the sound when you’re in the kitchen or garden. You can customize your own ringing sound with 360chimes and 4 levels of ringing tones without interfering others. What’s more, this wireless doorbell ring can work normally in cold or hot weather. Never miss a visitor anytime you’re at home with it. 

Cordless vacuum cleaner

The cordless vacuum cleaner applies the concept of wireless technology in order to reduce housework tiredness. Corded vacuum cleaners are limited in a certain area because of the charging cable. You have to clean up the places which are easy to reach to the charging socket because it can’t work without power charging. The cordless vacuum cleaner is more lightweight and portable without the cable clutter and allows you to easily carry it anywhere you want. Battery-powered vacuum cleaner with ultra-strong suction power ensures you to pick up various small particles around the whole house. 

There are varieties of electronic devices applied wireless technology in today’s market. The use of wireless technology or concepts helps make life easier and easier. With development of wireless technology, more people will enjoy the convenience of home automation with these wireless products. Are you ready to embrace the wireless time? 

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