Benefits of LED Lights

2018-01-16 01:55:13


Living in a modern life, you can see colorful lights everywhere, no matter advertising board background lighting in the shopping mall, street lights on the road side, headlight for outdoors or desk lamp, cabinet lights at home. Even the car headlights are made of LEDs. So, what can’t be denied is that LED lights are gradually replacing the traditional lamps. As one of the latest technology achievements, LEDs bring much convenience to daily life. After learning from its advantages, you can know why more and more people tend to use LED lights. 

Energy Efficient 

Compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs and energy-saving light, LED lights are more efficient. The energy consumption is only one tenth of that of incandescent light and one fourth of energy-saving lights. LED lights directly convert electric energy into luminance energy by light emitting diode made of semiconductor materials, thus reducing energy consumption. Though LEDs cost more initially, you can earn it back due to its long lifespan and low electricity costs. In the long term, money can be saved in the maintenance and replacement costs. 

Long Service Time

Theoretically speaking, LEDs have long lifespan of up to 100000 hours. In real life, LED lights can also work for to 500000 hours or higher, which is five times longer than incandescent bulbs. You even don’t need to replace a new light within at least 7 years. LED lights give luminance by LED chips without filament or glass bulb to ensure high durability. For common families, having LED lights for home is easy a good way to save electricity and money. It is also easier for you to maintain without replacing a new periodically. 


As mentioned above, LED lights can dramatically reduce energy consumption, thus decreasing carbon emission. Lights made of LEDs don’t emit heat themselves, so it can also help reduce greenhouse effect. What’s more, light led don’t contain any harmful elements like Mercury or xenon, nor do they generate any electromagnetic interference like traditional energy-saving lights do. LED lights can be reused, which is also good to living environment. This is a very important reason why LED lights now are advocated vigorously. 

Good for your eyes

Most ordinary lamps are driven by alternating current, which is easy to cause flicker. It is harmful to your eyes if working or studying under such lights for a long time. While LED lights are driven by DC power which can ensure no flicker or glare. Compared to traditional lamps, LED lamps are brighter and softer with built-in advanced side-glowing technology. Many LED light kits are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the lighting brightness levels to fit for different occasions. 

High Safety

LED lights can work with low current and low voltage. Some lights like LED headlights and LED flashlights are rechargeable. Any portable DC5V backup battery can power up such handheld LED lights. Low heat emission also reduces the risks of dangers. So, LED lights are also widely used for outdoor use or night work in dangerous places like mines. Automobiles also use LED headlights because high stability and concentration of LED lights makes it safer to drive at night. 

Big Market Potential 

Unlike traditional lights that can only be driven by AC power, LED lamps can work normally with low voltage and current. Portable power banks, lithium batteries, solar power and many other DC power chargers can provide power for LED lights. For those places which are lack of electricity, remote areas or outdoor work stations, LED lights can also be used without any other limitations. 

At present, all most all indoor lamps are replaced by LED lights. You can see different kinds of light LEDs at home, school and office. No matter for school students or office workers, LED lights that are energy-saving and eye-protection are their best choice. To build friendlier living environment, LED lights are also the best choice of the world. 

BESTEK dimmable LED desk lamp with 4 lighting modes, 2 USB ports

LED desk lamps are suitable for students or businessmen who have to study or work at night. There are many kinds of desk lights varying in shapes, materials, lighting modes and some other features. What matters most is that LED lights are beneficial to your eyes. 

BESTEK motion sensor cabinet light bar anywhere stick-on with 20 LEDs

You can also easily find motion sensor LED lights now in life like cabinet lights, porch light, and night lights. These touch sensor lights can detect any movements or noise and light up automatically, and can turn off automatically when the people or animals go away. The humanized design can help you save more energy and money. 

Of course, there are many other types of LED lights in market. In a word, LED lights are beneficial to life and have been widely used in modern life. In the future, LED lights are more likely to become the leading lightings by replacing traditional lamps. 

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