BESTEK Power Inverter – a Better Choice for Car Users

January 22nd, 2018


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Car power inverter is a widely-used car appliance for automobile users. Because of some objective reasons like using environment, requirement, and compatibilities, what really count are the craftsmanship and technology built in a power inverter. BESTEK has become America’s leading power inverter brand thanks to customer’s support. But why BESTEK power inverters can be accepted by so many car users? Here, let’s take BESTKE 200W power inverter as an example to explain why BESTEK power inverter is a good choice for you in several factors. 

Materials and Craft

Materials and craftsmanship determine whether a power inverter is reliable or not in terms of lifetime and safety level. According to the international standards, BESTEK adopted materials featuring safe, environmental friendly and fire-resistant. Advanced surface mount technology was used into the design of power inverter internal components, to ensure power inverter good reliability, strong shock resistance, and high performance, and reduce radiation interference and low defect rate. 

Charging Stations

If you have more than one electronic device to use in car, how many charging stations that a power inverter has is also what you should pay attention to. BESTEK 200W power inverter is equipped with 2 AC outlets and 4 USB ports, allowing you to charge up to 6 devices at the same time. Intelligent identification USB ports can automatically detect each device and trailer the optimal current for each port from 0~2.4A. Dual universal three-pronged outlets make it easier for you to use chargers of US, UK or EU. Besides, built-in safety door can well protect your kids from electronic shock. 

Independent Switch

There comes an independent switch for you to control AC output freely. If you only need to use USB charging stations, just press the single switch button to turn off power, which can help reduce energy. It is also money-saving and environmental friendly. 

All-around Protection

Power inverter can provide you convenience but also has potential safety hazards. BESTEK 200W car power inverter is built in superior safety protection technologies to protect your devices from overloading, overcurrent, overheating, short circuit, etc. 

Overload protection: protect your devices intelligently when circuit load exceeds its rated power.

Overcurrent protection: prevent battery discharge and overcurrent. 

Overvoltage protection: protect devices intelligently when power voltage is too high.

Overheating protection: protect devices intelligently when the working temperature is too high.

Low voltage protection: protect devices intelligently when the power voltage is too low. 

Short circuit protection: protect devices automatically when there is short circuit. 

Heat Emission & Noiseless

Built-in cooling fans and heat emission hole, power inverter 200W can send out heat in time and protect your device from overheating. Adopted advanced noise reduction technology, the car inverter can work silently to ensure you a good rest. 

With these fine craftsmanship and advanced technology, BESTEK power inverter DC can provide more reliable and safer using experience at the time when giving you smart multiple functions. That is why BESTKE power inverter is compelling to most of the car users.

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