5 Practical, Thoughtful and Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas in 2018

2018-02-02 04:24:35


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s that time of the year again for people in love to express how much you love him or her. A good Valentine’s Day gift comes from the heart, a practical, thoughtful and unique gift is such a good choice that shows your care to the recipient. Let them know they’re special and you really know them better. These five practical Valentine’s Day gift ideas can still express your love, just not in the traditional jewellery and roses sort of way.

300W power inverter >>> Click Here

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So your first thought might be “A BAD IDEA”, but if your man is a businessman, this is the ultimate gift. This power inverter with 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports can charge multiple devices like iphone, Macbook, power bank and vaper on the go, powerful than car chargers. Juice up devices on the go, get ready for every moment, that's exactly what he needs. 

Travel adapter >>> Click Here

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Traveling in Valentine’s Day is a unique and meaningful way to express love for beloved, which will make this valentine special and memorable. If you are planning to travel aborad, don’t forget the essential travel gadget, travel adapter. This travel adapter can convert all countries' voltage to US voltage (110V), allowing you to charge any US devices safely. With 4 USB ports and 3 AC outlets, it can charge 7 devices simultaneously. Compact size (6x3x1.57 inches) with 5 foot detachable power cable makes it easy to pack and carry. If your beloved often travel abroad, it’s also an ideal gift for him or her.

All-in-one charging station >>> Click Here

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Now more and more cellphones support wireless charging, so a wireless charger is essential. The all-in-one charging station specially comes with 8 AC outlets, 6 USB ports and a wireless charger on the top, compact and powerful. Desktop design helps save space and reduce cable clutters on the desk. Advanced surge protection can keep devices safe. The power stripe is a special and practical gift for him or her to make life easier and full of tech.

Air fryer >>> Click Here

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If you find that he or she loves fried foods very much but worry about health, then it is time to get him or her a programmable air fryer. The air fryer can reduce 80% fat to give oil-free foods. With multiple pre-set programs and temperature control, it can make various kinds of foods from meat, veggies to desserts as his or her own tastes. You can also make delicious foods yourself with the air fryer to give him or her a big surprise!

2-in-1 vacuum cleaner >>> Click Here

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In a couple life, there is always one who has to clean the house. If she is the one who dedicates more time and energy to the home, then it is the time for you to think about a solution to help reduce housework problems. The vacuum cleaner with strong suction power can easily pick up dirts and dust. It can be used with stick on or off, so you can hold it by hand to clean edges of sofa or bed, or keep upright to roll on the floor or carpet. Cleaning becomes much easier if with a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner.

Valentine’s Day only offers such a good chance for you to show your love for him or her, while it is your care in every moment of daily life that can really touch him or her. So, the best gift is the one that you get from the bottom of your heart. Love him or her, then give what he or she really needs.

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