No Charging Troubles with the Circular Power Strip

March 21st, 2018


Power supply


 With so many electronic devices requiring power for everyone, many charging problems are easy to take place without a suitable power strip. If youre troubled with how to feed all devices faster, easier and safer, the BESTEK circular power strip which comes with unique design and upgraded power features may be your best assistance to handle those charging issues.


Power up all devices easily

The power strip is equipped with 6 AC outlets and 4 USB ports. Special circular design makes all the charging stations uniformly distributed along its body to different directions, which ensures enough charging space for outlet. You can charge up to 10 devices at the same time no matter whether the charger is small or large. That makes things easier than with a normal strip-type charger that has little charging space.


Charge faster with the best current

 BESTEK circular power strip  provides 4 USB ports for you to charge cellphones, iPads, earphones or other compatible mobile devices simultaneously. There are one QC 2.0 quick charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Technology and three smart AUTO 0~2.4A USB with intelligent identification technology. They can offer or tailor the best current for each connected space without any damages. Feel free to share power and keep enjoying mobile fun with friends or families at home or office.  


Safer to use anywhere

To ensure the safety of both personal and devices, the 6-outlet power strip is built-in full protections. 6 advanced protection technologies can protect your devices from damages against overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, low voltage, overheating, and short circuit. Surge protection can effectively guard against power surges to keep you and your devices safe. All the AC outlets also come with safety doors to keep children away from electricity. The lighted on/off power switch with integrated breaker makes it convenient to cut off the power when theres any urgency. It is much safer to use for home, office or for traveling.


Make desk tidier

With so many devices charging at the same time, you may find cables lying on the desk here and there. That makes your room always in a mess and you have to feel each cable and find the right power cord to charge power-hungry devices at night. While the USB power strip comes with a unique circular design that makes the charger clever and compact like a simple room décor. The circular shape also keeps each charger in order with a reasonable space, so that the cables won’t tangled together to keep your desk neat and easy.


Charge freely anywhere

The circular power surge protector is compact and portable. It is easy to carry in your bag when traveling to keep all devices on the go. 6-foot power cord is long enough that you can use the power strip in your room, office, or the hotel conveniently even when the wall sockets are limited or far from the places you’re working or playing.


Without a suitable power strip, you may encounter many inevitable problems when charging too many devices simultaneously. The circular designed power strip with 4 USB and 6 AC outlets exactly can avoid those troubles easily. Have you found the right answer to your charging woes?

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