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January 8th, 2018


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In today’s industrial time, the quality of air becomes worse and worse. Dry air or poor air filled with particles is easy to feed bacteria, which can do harm to skin and even cause respiratory disease easily to the kids, the elder and those who have worse body resistance. To improve the quality of air, you need to find solutions to keep air moisten and fresh. Essential oil diffusers can give away cool mist to the air and remove dusts and smells in the air. It is also affordable and easy for everyone to have. So, if you’re suffering from the poor quality air, the oil diffuser may be your best choice. 

Essential oils first resolve the water molecules and plant essential oil into tiny cool and aroma mists and release them into the air by high frequency oscillation. The oscillation is generated by a ultrasonic vibration system. You can see many diffusers have the characteristic of ultrasonic. The ultrasonic oil diffuser fill the room air with fragrance and moisten the dry ail in winter by atomizing the water and natural oils. The room humidity will become higher and produce a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions which can influence human nervous system and blood circulation to work in a way that is beneficial to health. 

Apart from beneficial to health, the cool and aroma mist from oil diffuser has many other benefits. As the diffuser can fresh room air, you can gain stronger focus on work and study. It can refresh your mind like the drinking of coffee when you’re feeling tired. You can get relaxed and release stress before sleeping or after long time of work. The essential oil diffuser is perfect for many fitness exercises like Yoga, SPA. To many people, the oil diffuser is a fashion trend, admirable culture and also a precious spirit comfort.  

BESTEK have launched series of essential oil diffusers to meet the need of different people. You can find many diffuser humidifiers are designed in different shapes, or made of different materials to give different visual perception and hand feeling. Here in BESTEK you can see plastic diffusers, glass diffusers, wooden diffusers and floral diffusers. Now let’s be pleasant to see them now. 

BESTEK mini oil diffuser for car, home, office

This is a mini sized oil diffuser that can be used in car, bedroom and office. The diffuser can be universally powered up by computers, cars, power banks, digital products and any other USB chargers. Compact design and no adapter needed make the USB oil diffuser also perfect for hotel, travel and business trip to make you relaxed all the way. 

BESTEK 2.8L ultrasonic cool mist humidifier 

The diffuser is built-in advanced ultrasonic technology which can ensure whisper-quite operation. 2.8L water tank can moisturize the air for up to 28 hours of continuous operation without refilling and auto shut-off function when there is water shortage can ensure safety. So, the 2.8L diffuser is ideal for bedroom, living room, Spa and more to give a sweet sleep and relaxing environment. You can add essential oils into the water to refresh the room air with fragrance. 7 changing colors makes the diffuser also a good night light to fit for different occasions for you. 


BESTEK wood grain oil diffuser

The aroma diffuser is uniquely designed with wood grain, which makes the diffuser also a perfect home décor to add peace and warmth. The wood materials are BPA-free without any toxins, safe enough for your family, especially for the kids. The diffuser has two mist modes. You can choose the continuous mist or intermittent mist as you like. In continuous mist, you have no need to worry about damages to device as the switch can shut off automatically when there is no water. 

BESTKE 300ml oil diffuser

This oil diffuser is perfect match with Apple Home Pod in the view of appearance design. The 300ml diffuser is easy to operate with full touch keys. You can freely adjust the mist among 4 Hrs Low Mist/ Continuous Low Mist/ 4 Hrs High Mist/ Continuous High Mist and choose your favorite night light among the 7 changing colors to fit for different occasions. Ultrasonic oil diffuser ensures whisper-quiet operation to keep you a peaceful and sweet night’s sleep. 

BESTEK floral oil diffuser 

This essential oil diffuser is made of wood and glass with floral design, which makes the diffuser elegant and beautiful like a fine desktop artwork. 4 timer settings and adjustable cool mist allow you to choose your favorite mist mode, and the 7 changeable colors can perfectly fit for your mood and any occasions. 300ml large capacity with auto shut-off function ensure you a long-lasting and safe aromatherapy. 

BESTEK personal oil diffuser

This is a newly designed essential oil diffuser which can be used rather easily with only a pure water bottle to let you enjoy cool mist anywhere you go. Just convert the pure water into cool mist, switch on and the diffuser can refresh the air for your room. The handy oil diffuser is compact and cordless, perfect for handbags, backpacks and suitcases to carry. It is also ideal for hotel, car, tent, travel, or even on a flight! Don’t worry about how to power up the diffuser because there are two ways to charge. You can charge the diffuser with a portable USB charger like a power bank or power it by 3 AA batteries. You can also control the mist releasing time as you like. 

If you want to enjoy fresh air every day, keep your skin moisten, breathe smoothly, reduce illness and live more relaxing in a modern world where industries keep developing rapidly, you can get an essential oil diffuser which is an easy and good way for you to fight against poor quality air. No matter for use at home, office, in car or when traveling outside, you can always find a suitable oil diffuser to give you fresh and fragrant air all the way. 

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