Be Careful When Charging Gadgets by Power Strip

August 31st, 2017


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For most people at present, only household power sockets are not enough for an increasing number of appliances and mobile electronics. That is why smart power strips with multiple outlets and extra smart USB ports become more and more popular. No matter you want to charge TV, refrigerator, washing machine, or smart phones, tablets, computers, a multi-outlet power strips can do the trick.

However, improper use of power strips has caused many accidents that threatened personal safety. With the popularization of smart mobile devices, traditional power strips can’t meet the charging requirements anymore and are easy to give rise to fire accidents. Smart power strips have been improved in both functions and safety guards. But if you have a traditional power strip, you should know the hazards of traditional power strips and how to properly use the smart power strip.


Power strips are easy to self-ignite when it is overloading.
Each power strip has its rated power. If you have a 2000W power strip, you can’t plug too many high power appliances at the same time, or the overall power will surpass its rated power and cause overloading. If you have to use many high power appliances simultaneously, you’d better prepare a single charger for each device or choose a smart power strip built in overload protection.

It is rather dangerous for kids to play power strips.
For the safety of children, you should place the power chargers in somewhere dry and well-ventilated. Power strips are the common home devices. If you don’t well arrange the power strips, there will be cable clutters and misplaced cables are easy to be stepped on or get wet. Even kids have easy access to the chargers. So you should choose a power strip that has safety shutters. The safety shutters can effectively protect kids from electricity shock and keep devices away from dust.

Choose a reliable power strip brand.
In the market where there are many fakes and counterfeits, you have to polish your eyes to choose a qualified product. Many traditional power strips are made of recycled plastic materials that are easy to get faded and yellowed. As one of the top power strip brands, BESTEK chose the fire-resistant PC materials without any chemicals. UL listed BESTEK power strips can ensure you a functional and safe charging.

Do as the instruction says.
Each power strip will come with a user manual that notes the product specifications, warranty, using instructions and precautions. Before you put it into use, you’d better read the user manual carefully.

Replace the aging power strip in time.
Few people pay attention to the service time of a power strip. But if your power strips have been used for several over 5 years, you should consider getting a new replacement. An aging power strip has many potential risks.

Though a smart
USB power strip can enable you to charge cellphones and other mobile devices at the same time, you still have to properly use it to create a safe charging environment.

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