Benefits of Vertical Power Strip

September 13th, 2017


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Among so many home appliances, power strips are indispensible because the power strip is a bridge that allows multiple appliances to share power at the same time. Many people have no expectation for power strips at all, however, only to find that desk becomes more and more messy. Commonly designed power strips can meet your charging needs but seem not so harmonized with home decoration. Vertical power strip is a new style design that can not only meet your multi-charging requirements but can make your life easier.

Keep desk tidy
It is common to find that almost all power strip charging stations are connected with various plugs and cables are tangled together at home or office desk. Faced with this case, you may choose to out power strips under the desk or hide it at the back of a computer. Nevertheless, it is self-deceiving as your desk has become messy. Besides, switching it off when you don’t need to use device becomes not easy as you may have to bend over to find the button.

Vertical power strips can stand firmly on the desk. A vertical strip is tall enough with uniformly distributed charging stations on each surface, so all plugs are doing their own well without interfering each other. Even distributions allow you to find each right plug correctly and reduce cable clutters to keep your desk tidy perfectly.


Save Space
Traditional lateral power strips must occupy a space the same with its own size. If you have to use such a lateral power strip on desk, you have to leave some space for it. If the strip has 6 or more outlets, the size will be bigger. The vertical strips rationally make the best of vertical space and only its bottom occupies a little space.

Replace Other Chargers
Many vertical power strips are equipped with multiple AC outlets and USB ports. You can charge various appliances or mobile devices simultaneously. BESTEK vertical USB power strips are built in top intelligent technology that each USB port can automatically detect your device and provide the optimal current quickly. Ac outlets are wide-spaced and you make full use of each outlet. No matter what or how many appliances or mobile devices you have, one such vertical power strip is enough to replace other chargers.

Perfect Desktop Artwork for Home or Office

A vertical power strip can be designed with different styles and craftsmanship. BESTEK exclusive Baroque designed power strip and
tower type power strip are also perfect for home decoration with exquisite appearance and unique artistic concept. You may forget that they are an electronic device but a fine desktop artwork each time you head up.


Protect Kids from Electronic Shock
Growing kids are curious about anything new. Electronic devices have potential risks when using. To protect kids from electrical dangers, the best way is to keep them away from electrical devices. The vertical power strip can be put on desk or higher place that kids can’t reach. Cables can also be well organized without lying on the ground that kids can step on. What’s more, advanced protection systems can keep kids and your devices safe against surges, overcurrent or short circuit.

With living standard improving, people nowadays go not only for usability but for quality. Vertical power strips have brought convenience to daily life and also help to create a better lifestyle. In the future, there must be more unique designed power strip models with functional performances. If you’re still using traditional strips, maybe you can get one to make things special.

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