BESTEK 300W Power Inverter for Car

September 20th, 2017


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Power inverter has been widely used in car currently. With more and more electronics available, people tend to take as many devices as they can to make road trip more interesting, especially when you have to spend much time in car for business or traveling. For general users, a 300 car power inverter is enough for common electronics like cellphones and tablets. BESTKE DC to AC 110V power inverter can provide 300 watts continuous power and 700W instantaneous power, powerful for multiple charging.

Multi-Charging Stations
BESTEK 300W inverter, converting DC 12V car battery into useful AC power, comes with 2 AC outlets and dual USB ports. You can use it to charge both appliances and mobile electrics at the same time. The two AC 110V charging outlets allow you to charge some portable larger devices like laptops, tablets, and the two USB ports enable you to power up all other USB devices like cellphones, digital cameras. The dual USB stations include one 2.4A fast charger and one 0~2.4A smart charger that can automatically detect your device and provide the optimal current. the USB power inverter with multiple charging stations can keep your gears on the go, perfect for driving travel.


Superior Safety Protection
There are safety hazards when charging electronics in car by power inverter. To protect you and your devices, BESTEK power inverter DC 12V provides all-around protections both inside and outside.

For inside safety, BESTEK power inverter 300W is built-in full protection systems to guard your devices against overloading, overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage and short circuit. When there’s overloading, overvoltage or overcurrent, the power inverter DC to AC will stop power supply automatically to protect devices from damages and recover to work normally when problems are handled. Integrated cooling fans and high-speed thermal via can effectively emit working heat and keep the device working under a normal temperature.

As with the outside safety, BESTEK 300W power inverter is made of heavy duty metal housing materials witch is anti-fire and durable, to protect the inverter from scratching, dropping and prevent emergent fire accidents to guarantee personal security.


Exquisite Design
BESTEK 300W power inverter generator is exquisitely designed with good texture and fine line. High quality aluminum alloy materials make it durable and glossy, adding noble sense to every car users. The car power inverter charger is iPhone-sized, ultra-compact and portable. You can take and use it easily for vacations, work trips and camping, etc. The fancy electronic charging device for car is a perfect driving companion and also a good present for friends.


Other Details
BESTEK 300W power inverter has a 24 inch long power cord. It is convenient for your friends in the back seat to get the charging power. The inverter also has a single switch for AC outlets. You can turn the button off to save battery when you don’t need to use the device. And there is a LED indicator to let you know the status of charging and warn you timely if there is any power issue.


BESTEK DC power inverter package includes a vehicle cigarette lighter plug which is buckling designed with prime double clips. Top buckle design makes the lighter socket more durable and stable, to provide continuous and high-speed charging for your devices.

Though a car cigarette lighter charger can also meet your charging needs, it can’t allow you to use in-car appliances like vacuum cleaner, refrigerator. Car DC power inverter can meet your multiple charging requirements for both appliances and mobile electronics. BESTEK 300W power inverter with dual outlets and USB ports can juice up your different electronic devices on the road. Superior protections and fine craftsmanship ensure you a safer and happier business trip or travel.

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