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September 26th, 2017


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The true value of a home appliance is not only to be functional and help to deal with problems in a smart way, but to be exquisite and decorate your home like furniture with fine craftsmanship and unique design. There are many such home appliances nowadays to cater for modern who pursue a high quality lifestyle, such as ceiling lights that can provide warm illuminance and make home look more beautiful with various design. Today, we’d like to introduce a common but special everyday electronic appliance – BESTEK Baroco style vertical power strip.

Unique Design

Baroco Style
BESTEK is the first to bring a typical artistic style – Baroco style, into design of power strips. Baroco style idea was originated from printed book and is widely used in architecture. It features ornate decoration, carving preferences and intense colors, looking luxurious but free and dynamic with interspersed surface and the oval-shaped space. With the introduction of the classical Europe style, the top of BESTEK Baroco power strip characterizes dynamic and free undulating lines and the general outline is oval-shaped, unique but compact. The special Baroco power strip can fits for any kinds of household styles.

Tower Type
The overall appearance of this power strip looks like a tower. It is more than a charging device but a unique home decoration. Vertical deign makes it suitable for any flat plane. With non-slip mat at the bottom, the tower power strip can firmly stand on desk or table at home or office. 


Multiple Charging Stations

8 AC Outlets
There are four surfaces on this power strip and each surface provides two AC outlets. With 5.7 inches tall, each two outlets can uniformly distributed on each surface, so each outlet is wide-spaced to allow charging up to 8 household appliances at the same time. Each AC outlet has an independent switch to control its output. If you don’t need to use all the outlets, you can press the one buttons to save energy.

6 USB Ports
If you also have many mobile devices, don’t worry. This power strip also comes with 6 USB ports to allow you to charge up to 6 electronic devices simultaneously. There are two small surfaces on the body of the power strip and each surface has 3 USB charging stations. All the 6 USB ports are built-in intelligent identification technology that can automatically charge devices at the optimal speed with max 2.4A each. The overall six 5V/8A 40W USB ports can fast power your cellphone, tablets, cameras and other tech gadgets. The USB ports are exclusively photosensitive to ensure you a sweet sleep at night.

Superior Safety Guards

Full Leading Protections
Built-in short circuit protection, overload protection, overheating protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and short circuit protection, the desktop power strip can fully protect your devices from damages.

Surge Protection
Many appliances can’t escape damages from surges or spikes caused by lightning. This power strip has 1500 joules high energy ration that can effectively keep surges away from devices and keep it workable normally.

Made of high quality PC V0 fire-resistant materials, the tower surge protector can fight against fire to protect you and your devices effectively.

Safety Door
Each outlet is added the design of safety door to protect your kids from unexpected electric shock.


Energy-Saving, Money-Saving and Space-Saving

As mentioned above, each AC outlet has one independent switch to control its output. There are also one reset button that allows you to control the power of the whole charging stations. When you don’t need to use the connected appliances, you can press it to save more energy.

vertical power strip surge protector looks luxurious but nor expensive. So many charging stations equipped in one let you save to buy more small power strips. Besides, the power strip is made of heavy-duty materials and comes with a 6ft 14AWG cable. It is much durable with long service time.  

The surge protector is compact designed. It won’t occupy much space if you put it on the desk. All the charging stations are evenly distributed so that the cables of connected device can also be well-organized without any clutter and enwinding, to make your home tidy.


In general, BESTEK Baroco vertical surge protected power strip is multi-functional and fashionable. It can meet your multiple charging requirements and guarantee you full protections for you and your devices. The power strip is also cost-effective that can be affordable for each family. To make life easier and stylish, this BESTEK Baroco vertical power strip is worth to have at home.

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