BESTEK Four Super Power Strip Stars

September 4th, 2017


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Too many home appliances and mobile electronics here and there make you sincerely looking forward to a superman that can help you place all those things in order and keep safe, because it is so easy to make house in a mess after cooking or playing an electronic device. You may also worry about security of kids when using these devices that should be connected to a power charger.

If you’re concerned about security and clutter at home, just look at here. Superman is so holy and great that becomes an omnipotent energy and idol of all people. However, great things are always living in fantasy. How about reality? Don’t worry. BESTEK 4 super stars are ready here to really help you out of this mess. 

Super Practical Desktop Power Strip with 16 Charging Stations

Power strips can be easily seen at home but with so many devices needing to be charged, one or two common power strips with fewer outlets are not enough to meet all your charging requirements. This desktop power strip is equipped with overall 16 charging stations including 8 AC outlets and 6 USB chargers, allowing you to charging up to charge as many device as you want no matter home appliances or mobile electronics.


Overall 8 wide-spaced AC outlets, two per surface
Overall 8A 6 smart intelligent USB ports, 3 per side surface
Surge protected with 1500J
Two independent switches & photosensitive USB LED indicator
Unique tower design, perfect home decorator

Super Protected Power Strip with Ultra High 5566 Joules
Recently many accidents occurs when people are using home appliances at home, so personal security is an important problem people now care more about. Safety hazards can be caused by improper use or poor quality of power chargers especially power strips. To reduce the occurrence of risks, you should choose a high quality power strip and learn how to use it properly. Now a surge protected power strip has become a good choice of most family because it is built-in full protections to protect your device against surges and other risks like overloading, overheating, over voltage, etc. BESTEK 12-outlet surge protector power strip has 5566 super high energy joules to ensure protections of your devices and yourself. 


12 AC outlets and 6 are wide-spaced, for multiple charging
Dual smart identification USB ports for mobile device charging
5566 high energy joules to protect devices against spikes
360 degree rotatable flat plug with 6ft long cable
Keyhole slots for wall mounting

Super Durable Power Strip with Super Long Cable

It just puts a damper on you when you want to enjoy BBQ or camping outside but only to find that the power strip cable is too short to reach to where barbecue is. It is also disappointing that the charging outlets are too few or too narrow to juice up your speakers and tablets when it has already been connected to a barbecue. Why not changing a powers strip with super long cable, multiple charging stations and super durable? BESTEK 4-port USB power strip has 15 feet long cable and 8 wide-spaced AC outlets to make you enjoy outside activity freely and happily.


Durable 15ft long cable with up to 30000 times of buckling & 100kg tensile strength
8 AC outlets and 4 smart USB ports, allowing multiple devices charging
Integrated advanced phosphor bronze ensures high conductivity
Trip-free switch protects against overloading and surges
Super Lovely Brand-New Power Strip

You may feel tired of choosing a power strip in the store because almost all the strips are designed with similar functions and appearances. If you want to find something to make life different, then BESTEK unique designed USB power strip must be interesting enough to your preference. Super cute little bear appearance can add some liveliness to your home or office. It won’t be upsetting to plug your computer into the lovely power strip when you have to work.


Cute little bear designed to add joy to family
Dual smart recognition 0~2.4A USB ports
4 AC outlets with 900J surge protection
Smooth safety shutters, easy to plug in and safety guard
Have a problem of dealing with cable clutters and making sure of safety? Maybe you can pin your hope on the above 4 BESTEK super power strip stars. No matter when you’re troubled in too many charging demands, poor safety guarantee, short cable or lack of liveliness, you can find help from BESTEK super stars.

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