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July 13th, 2019


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The power strip has played a very important role to make life more convenient in people's daily life. It is actually a kind of sockets, but it is a porous socket consisting of multiple charging outlets. This kind of combination is called a vertical power strip which is so beneficial and universal that can save much space and reduce cable chaos. This is a very simple but practical invention. Generally speaking, the power strips are often referred to those mobile porous sockets with power cords and plugs, while sockets are usually mean those fixed and mostly refers to five-hole sockets.

There are also great security risks although power strips are easy-using and practical. The purpose of using a power strip is to connect a variety of devices. But in this case, all the cables must be crossed and wound freely to make your desk disorder, and the total current of all the device will increase indefinitely to the maximum current that the power strip can carry, which will easily cause fire accidents and damage your devices. Therefore, try to choose some high-quality power strips when buying one. here will some tips about how to choose a reliable and quality power strip. 

1.The material

The materials of premium power strips are really outstanding in flame resistance, insulation, impact resistance, and moisture resistance, and are also very stable and not easy to fade.  


Those power strips that have a smooth surface, uniform color, good texture are generally good products. In addition, the brand logo on the packaging should be clear and plump without any burrs on the surface.

 3. Inner structure

The switch is usually made of pure silver contact and silver-copper composite materials that work as a conductive bridge, which can prevent oxidation caused by an arc when the switch is on and off. The conductive bridge of high-quality panels is made of silver-nickel-copper composite materials, because silver materials have excellent electrical conductivity, while silver-nickel-alloy has a very strong ability to suppress the arc, thus ensuring more than 80,000 times of switching on and off, far exceeding the international standard of 40,000 times.

The brass screw pressing switch has a large contact surface, strong pressing capacity, and stable wiring. While if it is a single-hole copper wiring column with large wiring capacity will not be affected by wire thickness restrictions, very convenient.

4. Texture

Try the switch. The spring of a good switch is neither too hard, nor too soft and has excellent elasticity. 

5. Craftsmanship

The switch is often touched by hand and easy to fade after a long time if made of non-quality materials, especially chromatic switch panels. But if the switch is made of UV resistant materials and built-in spray baking film process, and will not fade in color even used for a long time.

6. Humanized design

At present, good switch panels all have night indicators. Even the most traditional fluorescent paint night indicators also have evolved from a single green fluorescent to a variety of colors. Power emitting light is another night indicator. Currently and LEDs are the most used to replace neon lamps to ensure longer life, lower heating rate, and softer light.

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