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August 16th, 2019


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You need to take care of your teeth every day no matter whether you are at home or traveling somewhere for any reason. So a good toothbrush is what really counts to you in daily life. Compared with a manual toothbrush, an electric toothbrush that comes with a travel case would be the best choice for you when you need to visit outside.

In the past when the electric toothbrush hasn’t emerged, many people would prefer not to take a manual toothbrush as it is fussy to take and unhygienic to use when traveling somewhere, and just use the one-off toothbrush which may be not sanitation guaranteed in the hotel. However, only one electric toothbrush can help banish those cares. Today this article will introduce BESTEK electric toothbrush, the brand-new Sonic toothbrush with a special charging travel case.


Replaceable Brush Heads

M-Care Toothbrush comes with three replaceable brush heads with different shapes. Two of them are standard V-type brush heads which can perfectly fit for any kinds of oral shapes and fully remove the dental plaque. And the wavy brush head can easily reach the adjacent sides when you brush one area. When you are going to travel with families, it is enough to take only one BESTEK electric toothbrush as each family member can use one brush head and use the same brush handle.

Easy to Take and Store

M-Care comes with a small travel case. It is easy to store the brush in the case. The case is portable and lightweight with only 85g, 263*37*32mm. You can take it by your bag or luggage without occupying too much space. The brush is also compact enough with the only 70x185mm size. Even you are a light traveler, BESTEK electric toothbrush can also be your best teeth guardian during travel. The case is designed with many small holes to help emit water and keep it clean from dust. So you don’t have to worry about hygenic problems.

Easy to Charge Wirelessly

Different from Philip and Oral-B which need an extra charging base to charge a toothbrush, BESTEK M-Care electric toothbrush can be charged when stored in the travel case. The travel case is built-in a wireless induction charging base, allowing you to charge the brush freely as long as you put the brush into the case. The brush can be charged no matter how the case is placed. You can put it laying on the seat to travel if you are taking a driving journey, or you can keep it upright on the desk of a hotel if you arrive at the destination.

Compatible with Various Power Cords

The travel case can be charged via a USB port. It comes with an Android power cord. But don’t worry if you forget to take its original power cord, because it is compatible with almost all Android USB power cords of electric devices like Android smartphones, camera, MP3 player, etc. And also it doesn’t matter if you forget to fully charge the travel case. As long as you have a computer or a power bank, you can charge it by connecting it to the computer or power bank. This USB charging method is more convenient and hassle-free than some toothbrush chargers that need travelers to consider how to convert the voltage as well as the plug adapters.

3-Week Long Working Time

The electric toothbrush is built-in an 800mAh lithium battery which can guarantee 21 days of long working time after a single full charge. It only takes about 10 hours to get fully charged if the battery is low. So if you plan a travel with a few days, you may not need to charge your toothbrush if you get it fully charged before leaving. Compared with the same valued Philips brushes and Oral-B brushes, BESTEK electric brushes take a shorter time to get fully charged and ensure a long working time.


Reliable Brushing Performance

BESTEK M-Care Sonic electric toothbrush can ensure 31000 times of stroke per minute to fast remove the dental plaque. When it talks to Sonic electric toothbrushes, you may think the higher vibration frequency of an electric toothbrush is, the better it is to clean your teeth. But in fact, that’s not the case. If the toothbrush vibrates too fast, it may get your teeth and gums injured. So 31000 is an adequate brushing frequency.

M-Care provides three adjustable brushing modes (standard, soft, whitening) and three optional brushing time (2 mins, 2.5 mins, 3 mins) to meet different needs of different groups. It specially features a smart reminder function that it will pause every 30 seconds under each brushing mode or brushing time setting to remind you to switch brushing sides, thus letting you brush your teeth all around.

The Best Choice for Oral Care

BESTEK -M-Care electric toothbrush only sales at a moderate price that most people can bear. While except the price, M-Care can also work perfectly - customizable brushing mode and brushing time, intelligent wireless charging, convenient travel case and long battery time. It can help anybody to protect teeth from plague and bleeding and help to keep a healthier oral care style even you are not at home. In conclusion, BESTEK -M-Care electronic toothbrush is the best choice for travelers. 

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