Choose a Vacuum Cleaner Model Based on Your Real Need

2017-08-25 01:28:40


Vacuum cleaners are a nice sweeper that can help you do cleanings and keep home clean in a smart and powerful way. There are mainly five categories of vacuum cleaners, including canister vacuum, upright stick vacuum, handheld vacuum, pot vacuum and robot vacuum. Different vacuum types can meet your different cleaning requirements. Choose a suitable vacuum according to your real need.

Canister Vacuum
If you want a multi-functional vacuum cleaner, you can choose a canister vacuum cleaner. Canister vacuum is one of the most widely used household devices. The canister cleaner is so powerful and functional that its motorized brushroll head can clean debris on carpet, in car, or household appliances, and its attachment can help sweep walls, furniture, floor, or stairs. It is compact with long hose, easy to carry and reach to wider areas.

Stick Vacuum
Stick vacuum cleaners are lightweight and portable with a rotatable brush head, a dust collector and powerful suction strength. It is easy to carry around your house to suck up debris and particles. The dust bag is washable and reusable, easy to maintain. Some stick vacuums is dual-functional so that you can use it with stick or handheld by disconnecting the wand. If you’re living in a multi-story house or need to clean large area of carpet or floor, then the stick vacuum is a nice choice. 

Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuum is sleek and slim for grab-and-go use. It is more lightweight and portable compared to other cleaners. Handheld vac comes with stick or without stick, corded or cordless. As mentioned above, some stick vacuums are also handheld vacuums if used without stick. Cordless vacuums are more convenient than corded vac because they are battery-powered and you can carry it anywhere you want without cable restriction. Handheld vacuums are good at cleaning sofa, car carpet, tight corners, tables, beds, etc. If you need to keep furniture or appliances with gaps, you can choose handheld vacuums.

Pot Vacuum
Pot vacuums are somewhat are like traditional vacuum cleaners which feature large capacity, strong water absorbing capacity. But compared with other portable vacuums, pot vac are too bulky to carry. It is suitable for companies, restaurants, office buildings or large areas but doesn’t fit for home use.

Robot Vacuum
Robot vacuum cleaners have gained plenty of popularities recently, given its advanced artificial intelligence technology and powerful function. Autonomous vacuums can suck in any small mess in its own way by roaming freely around your house. It is functional and smart to keep your home clean but requires less effort. The robot vac can reach many areas that large cleaner can’t go and can do cleanings in a short time. You can control it by remote or programmed and it will clean your house by zipping around itself as you required even when you’re not at home. It is suitable for large house and for under furniture cleanings. But it is a little expensive than other vacuum cleaners.

If you want a vacuum cleaner for multiple uses, you can choose canister vacuums;
If you need to clean floors in a multi-story house, you can choose upright stick vacuums;
If you want to keep small appliances or furniture with gaps clean, it is better to have handheld vac;
If the vacuum cleaner is used for company or office building cleaning, pot vacuums are the best;
If you want pursue home automation, robotic vacuums are your best choice.

Different vacuum models can meet your different cleaning requirements. You should choose a suitable vacuum device that can really do you a favor and keep your place clean.

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