Do You Need a Voltage Converter When Travel Overseas?

July 24th, 2018


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Starting a worldwide travel is the first choice for most people to keep away from city chaos and relax to find more amazing life pleasures. If you’re the one who looks forward to an easy and happy overseas travel, don’t forget the essential travel buddy – power converter that can keep all your gadgets on the go wherever you’re. 

As we know, on your first trip to Europe the thing that stands out about your hotel room might very well be the wall sockets. They're different. They're big. The second thing you'll probably notice is that there aren't a lot of them. Power, you see, is quite expensive in Europe. 


Power converters are not the only way to allow you to charge devices when traveling overseas, but it must be the best and most accurate decision when taking some points into considerations, no matter you’re a visitor or a cross-border businessman. 

So what kind of the Power Converter you really need when traveling overseas? 

Suitable voltages you need

As you know, the voltage varies from country to country. To ensure all your devices can be used in a country with different voltage, you must have a voltage converter. The power converter transforms 220V to 110V, allowing you to use any US devices in any country. But if you charge your device directly without power converter in the overseas, damage can result!


Enough outlets for multiple devices

The voltage converter is also a functional power strip that comes with enough charging ports for you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. For today’s travelers, taking as many electronic devices as they can become an unstoppable trend in order to make travel happier. 

Allow charging different devices

The different country also has different plug types. You should know how the plug types compatible with a foreign country look like. About shapes, there are plugs of rectangle, rhombus, and circle. In terms of jack sockets, some have two jacks, some have three jacks and the rest may have irregular jacks. Many power converters also come with extra plug adapters to allow charging in almost all countries all over the world.

Before starting an international travel, you may pack up various electronic devices. If you don’t have a power converter, your power-hungry devices may go on a strike halfway because of non-suitable power voltages or not enough charging outlets. Before you find a local converter, you may miss some important messages or phone calls. But don’t worry. You can keep the worldwide travel on the go with a travel power converter. 


BESTEK 220V to 110V travel power converter

Pure sine wave converter is the best thing for safer charging

No matter where you go, charging security is the most important thing that you should take into consideration. Common power converters are built-in safety protections to prevent some charging issues and protect your devices from damages, but pure sine wave power converter can not only ensure high-leveled safety guards but also ensure more stable and safer charging outlets. 

In the electronic area, pure sine wave inverter means that the output voltage is converted into a sine wave-form. This converter has pure sine wave power instead of the modified sine wave power in a less-expensive converter. In the sine waveform, the voltage alternates with a sinusoidal curve that has one rounded peak above or below zero voltage. It rises and falls smoothly with a stable and smooth turning phrase angle. When it arrives at zero volts, a voltage can change its polarity instantly without a pause. Compared to the modified sine wave, the pure sine wave can make the current flow more stable and effective, suitable for any loads. 


BESTEK Pure Sine Wave Travel Power Converter

BESTEK pure sine wave converter is the world’s first to introduce pure sine wave tech into travel power converter.  

* Allow using appliances like curling iron, hair straightener and the electric toothbrush that may not be used safely with a modified sine wave converter. 

* Convert all countries' voltage to US voltage (110V), enables you to charge your devices safely when traveling worldwide.

* Provides 2 AC outlets, 3 USB charging ports with total 6A output plus 2 AC ports when QC3.0 port, to allow you to charge up to 7 devices simultaneously. 

* Compact and travel-ready size with detachable power cable makes this power converter easy to pack and take anywhere you go

* NRTL safety tested, upgraded hardware made, and all-around safety protections built in, ensure complete protection for you and your devices. 

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Below is a complete overview of all countries of the world and their respective plugs/outlets and voltages/frequencies used for domestic appliances.



















Traveling has become a kind of lifestyle for modern people. Don’t forget the portable and multi-functional power converter to get ready for a happier international travel. 

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