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June 2nd, 2017


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A cup of cool juice can make your feel refreshing especially in hot summer days. A juicer or a juice blender can extract the goodness of fruits and allow you to blend fruit, vegetables, water and other foods you like very well. It is easy to get a delicious juice for you and your family at home by just having an automatic or semi-automatic juice blender.

Juice blender is popular

Juice extractor is widely used in common families since it is invented by Dr. Norman Walker in 1930 due to its convenience to get fresh and healthy juice at home or office. Juice blender is especially popular by two groups. The first group is the old and kids because juice extracted by a blender is easy to taken in so that they can absorb enough goodness despite their bad teeth. Another group is those who pursue of high quality lifestyle. A juice blender can meet their demands of personal taste. In addition, with life quality improved, more and more people tend to live a healthier life. Research shows that fruits and vegetables are the main vitamins human body needs. Therefore, for the health of your family and yourself, it is necessary to get a juice blender at home.

Juice blender functions

1.    Fruits blending
This is the most vital function that a juice blender should be equipped with. Juice can be extracted from the fruit pulp and all the produce in one blender can be mixed with. But a blender can’t provide you a totally pure fruit juice.

2.    Make soybean milk
A blender can also make soybean milk. Before that, the soybean should soak in the water for hours. Drinking soybean milk every day at home is beneficial to your health.

3.    Grind
Sometimes you need to grind seasonings like chili powder and pepper when cooking. It is easy to get those seasonings for a delicious meal.

4.    Mince steak
The blender is also applicable for minced steak so that you can make meatball and filling for dumplings.

Blender benefits

1.    Nutrition supply
Vitamins are easy to be destroyed under high temperature, so there will be nutrition loss by cooking vegetables in a pot. A juice blender can extract juice from fruit or vegetables, which can supplies pure natural vitamins, reduce nutrition loss and make it easier to digest.

2.    Beneficial for kids, the old and those who has sugar issues.
Kids and the old people feel difficult to digest enough fruits and vegetables as their teeth are weak. And people who are suffering sugar issues need to eat foods more slowly. A juice blender can blend fruits and vegetables and allow people take in pure natural vitamins directly to ensure them a healthy body.

3.    Life improvement
Juice drinking at home is not just a way of nutrition digesting, but a good lifestyle for those who want a higher quality living. It is enjoyable to have a soybean milky in the morning or a cool juice in the hot afternoon.

4.    Save time and money
It costs much if you buy a juice in a store but you’re not sure whether it has additives. Why not getting a juice blender at home? It is easy to operate and a powerful blender will take less time by just putting fruits in it and blend.

Juice blender is a device that allows you to get easy access to fresh and healthy fruit juice at home. No matter for body health or for a better living standard, a juice blender is necessary and does helpful especially in today’s market full of unhealthy additives.

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