Even Rolls-Royce Battery Can be damaged if You Charge Devices in Car this Way

November 22nd, 2017


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Every car user knows how important the car battery is to his car. If car battery is run out or damaged, it will be troublesome that cars may break down suddenly on the road and electronic devices can’t keep on the go. At present, the car batteries don’t need to be deliberately maintained and can commonly serve you for about two or three years, even up to 5 years long lifespan, but if you use the car battery improperly, battery life will be largely shortened even if you’re using a Rolls-Royce. Are you using car battery in a right way? 

Non-maintenance batteries are designed with all-around sealed structure and modern production process, thus ensuring high performance, long lifespan, no pollution, and high safety. But it doesn’t mean that you can make use of car battery freely without any caring. Non-maintenance only means the advantages of its structure that costs very low electrolyte, so you don’t have to add distilled water any more like an old car battery. In fact, your using methods of car battery can influence its service time to some extent. There are four power charging methods in car that many people are still doing but really harmful to your car battery. 

Forget to turn off the main power switch

Many people find that electric leakage is easy to occur if cars are parked for a long time and can it is hard to re-start your car though you jump start your car frequently. To reduce electric leakage and save battery, most of cars nowadays come with a main power switch. Just turn off the switch when you park your car. But many people forget this small but important step. 

Jump start cars frequently in winter

Affected by cold weather, cars may be difficult to start at once. But most people still keep starting frequently but never consider finding out where the problem is at first. That will cost large amount of power and even make your car battery in discharging status. To handle some emergent stating problems, many people use a portable car jump starter which can help you jump start your car for emergency. The jump starter for car can really do the help, but to avoid the similar situation to occur, the best way is to find the problem and suit the remedy to the case. 

BESTEK 300A Peak car jump starter 5600mAh with 5V 2.1A USB 

Keep charging devices when car stalls

As you know, car headlights, air conditioner and stereo system and other in-car accessories all cost car battery. But many car users often don’t turn off the electric equipment even when the car stalls. You can think that the battery those devices use is so little that can be neglected. However, if you do that for a long time, it is easy to cause instantaneous overloading and lose too much battery. When a car stalls, the electric generator also stops working. In that case, the electricity you use actually comes from the battery itself. When the battery reaches to a very low capacity, cars will be hard to start and the overdischarging will also do harm to car battery. If you have other electronics charging in car, don’t forget to unplug devices, either. If you think it is too hassle, you can get a controllable car cigarette lighter splitter. 

BESTEK 2-socket car cigarette lighter with triple-faced 3 USB ports

Don’t use high powered car inverter

To handle the problem of device charging in car, many people choose to take a car power inverter that can be plugged into the car cigarette lighter socket and convert the DC 12V car battery into household AC power, allowing you to charging some home appliances when you are out for traveling or camping. But some people use high powered inverters in order to charge large appliances like pressure cooker, hair dryer, etc. There may be no any influence to car battery for a short time. But if car battery is kept in such a high loading status for a long time, the battery life will be shortened and it is also easy to lead to circuit problems. So, choose a suitable and reliable power inverter for your car. 

You’d better not use large appliances in car because the max car cigarette lighter output is only 150W. If you just need to charge some mobile devices like cellphones, laptops, cameras, etc. 75W ~ 300W power inverters are OK for you. If you have to use large devices, you can take a backup battery can get a 1000w~2000w power inverters with two battery clips. Choose a power inverter that can load all your devices and use battery clips when you need to use devices over 150W. 

BESTKE 200W cup power inverter with 2 AC outlets, 4.5A dual USB

Non-maintenance car battery doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be maintained any more. The best way to maintain your car battery is to use it in a proper way. Many improper ways can do harm to battery, shortening life or even causing power problems, even the world’s best car Rolls-Royce can’t avoid that. If you’re doing this way, don’t trust to luck. 

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