How to Choose a Good Gaming Keyboard?

June 5th, 2017


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Gaming keyboard is specially designed for gamers. More and more people especially the young indulge themselves into games. That is why more and more manufacturers produce varieties of keyboards. But sometimes it is easy to be fooled by merchants who tell you that it is the professional gaming keyboard while in fact it is a common keyboard that is just different in color or built in LEDs. For gamers, a functional gaming keyboard is very important when playing a game. Therefore, it is also important to choose a good keyboard. Here are several factors that a gamer should pay attention to.

1.    Appearance
A good keyboard is the one which is combined with powerful functions as well as good appearance. Of course, good appearance doesn’t mean oddness or grotesque. A good appearance means that a keyboard is designed ergonomically. It counts more to ensure a natural and comfortable experience.


2.    Key layout
As a gamer, you have to make it clear that what kind of games you like playing most. Though many keyboards are for games, there are differences among them. Some keyboards maybe designed special for a specific game. Traditional games and MMO games need to be matched with different key layouts. If you like traditional games, you can just choose one with standard key layout. You should choose a suitable keyboard with suitable key layout based on your loved games. Commonly professional gamers will choose a gaming keyboard with more function keys.

3.    Operation feelings
As for common keyboards, their main function is to type and enter. It feels softer to type with a common keyboard to make users not feel tired after a long time working. When it comes to
gaming keyboard, it focuses more on performance because gamers generally won’t use it for a very long time like businessmen but pay more attention to its response. A good gaming keyboard should be rather flexible and fast to enter or snap back. If the keys react very slowly, the game like FPS will fall short. And for RTS games, it is better for the keyboard to have short distance between each key because these kind of gamers need to use several keys simultaneously by one hand, so long key distance will influence gaming operation.

4.    Materials and design
Keycap is such an important part of a keyboard that determines the height, depth and hand feelings of all keys. Common keyboard is made of ordinary materials which is not durable and easy to get slippery and even damaged. A good gaming keyboard caps are designed U-type so that the key can fit closely with fingertips when your finger touches the key. It will be smoother and more comfortable to play games. About materials, both PBT and POM materials are good. The difference lies in the later surface coating and grinding craftsmanship.

5.    Stability
Compared with ordinary keyboards, gaming keyboards are more stable. That is because it is easy to cause operation mistakes if the keys are too loose or too light. Therefore, gaming keyboards are added heavy materials like steel to make it not too light and desliching treatment. With this kind of stable gaming keyboard, gamers can be worry-free to play games as the keyboard will be stable and accurate even during a tense gaming moment.

6.    Extended functions
At present, some gaming keyboard is claimed to have be added many extra software kits like backlight adjusting. A good gaming keyboard will be equipped with some core function completed by corresponding software, such as macro settings, shielding setting, etc. These extra functions make it easier for gamers to repeat an operation.

The above six factors are the key points that a gamer should focus on when choosing a gaming keyboard. A good keyboard not only has a good appearance, but is functional, flexible, stable, durable, and so on. You’d better experience the keyboard first before you decide to take it home.

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