How to Choose a Multi-port USB Charger

June 20th, 2019


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You may be obsessed with multiple charging needs at the same time for many electronic devices such as smartphones, smart bracelets, smartwatches, electric toothbrushes, tablets, etc. No matter when you at home or office. You may also be plagued by various power chargers and power cords inside of your room. The jumble of cables will make you annoyed, too. While the multi-port USB charger is the key to solve this embarrassing problem.


However, when choosing such products, we still need to consider the main work scenarios in advance. For example, if you want to solve the problem of multiple charging needs from your  family members at the same time, and the usage scenario is confined to the living room or the bedroom, you don’t need to worry about the size of multi-port USB charger, but should first consider how to choose a charger with more USB ports and higher power output capacity. If you are used to carrying your phone, tablet and watch every time when you travel, you'll need a compact multi-port USB charger in the sense of "load reduction."


The number of USB ports on the charger will determine how many digital devices it can charge simultaneously. So, is it better to have more ports for multiple USB chargers?


In general, for travelers, it is enough to have 2 to 3 USB interfaces. It will affect its portability with too many ports, after all, you will need to carry more power cords at the same time when you want to charge more equipment at the same time. And it is easy to heat up to a higher temperature when plugging too many devices at the same time. The smaller the charger is, the easier it is to cause overheating. 


If you use it at home or office, the USB charger may be fixed at a certain place. In this circumstance, it is more convenient to have more USB ports. But the more USB ports there, the less efficient the power supply will be. 

If you care about the cleanliness of the desktop, you can choose a storage box for the USB charger. You can hide the USB charger and cables in the storage box, and only the USB interface is exposed outside. Isn't it very tidy?


In order to meet the demands of fast charging of new mobile phones, more and more manufacturers introduce fast charging technology into multi-port USB chargers. Currently, Qualcomm qc2.0/3.0 is the most popular in the field of multi-port USB chargers. Many products have at least one USB supporting qc2.0/3.0 technology, which can carry out high voltage direct charging of 9V or 12V and achieve the maximum charging power of 18W.


However, when purchasing this type of chargers, we need to pay attention to whether the USB charger that supports fast charging is an independent output. If yes, the quick charging power will not be affected when other USB ports are also connected to the phones; If not, when other USB ports are connected to the phones, the output voltage of quick-charge USB will automatically drop to 5V, thus affecting the charging efficiency.


Therefore, if you have two mobile phones at home that support QC quick charge, the most suitable choice is the USB charger with an output greater than or equal to 36W, and support 2-channel independent output to ensure that the two mobile phones connected can be charged at more than 15W at the same time. 


In short, for the average consumers, buying multiple single-port USB chargers at the same time costs more than buying a single multi-port charger. What you need to do is to choose the corresponding products according to your requirements. 

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