How to Protect Home Appliances in Thunderstorm Day?

August 29th, 2017


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Home appliances are easy to break down in spring and summer which are peak seasons of thunder and storms. Home appliances are mainly influenced by inductive thunder. Inductive thunders can invade through supply wire, telephone wire, antenna, or wall. The wires are connected with the external cables, so it is easier to get access to thunders. Now that thunders are dangerous to home appliances, you should be more alert in thunderstorm days.

Television: close windows first
Some people have installed lightning rod to protect television against thunders. However, if the lightning rod is not professionally installed, it will be easier to attract lightning. Once hit by thunderstrike, televisions will get harms rather than goods. The most simple and effective way is to keep the TV away from windows and 10cm away from the wall. When thunder comes, close the windows first as windows are the main approach for thunders to get in. then quick to unplug the power charger and the digital cables.

Computer: not only the plug, but also the network cable, should be pulled.
Computer is a high tech gadget with highly integrated electronic components, once the integration circuit is stroke by lightning, the computer will be damaged and you have to repair it. You’d better close your computer in thunderstorm days, or pull the plug. But remember to pull the network cable, too, because the router and network card can also be damaged by thunders.

Air conditioner: stop using it in thunderstorm days.
The outdoor unit of air conditioner can also draw down the lightning like signal cables. On one hand, when installing an air conditioner, you should make sure its outdoor unit is well connected with grounded wire. On the other hand, shield the indoor conditioner to guard against thunder. Of course, the safest way is to turn off the air conditioner in thunderstorm days.

Washing machine: don’t connect it with water tube.
Similar to computer, the circuit board of a washing machine is also modular micro-electronic circuit board which is poor in lightning resistance. Most people like to connect the washing machine with water tube, so once the machine is hit by lightning, there will be caused electric leakage and even threaten people’s safety. To avoid this danger, users should check every now and then to see whether the metallic conduit of the roof top is well connected with lightning strip. But the most effective way is to stop using of washing machine when there is thunder.

Surge protector: the easiest and fastest way to protect devices against thunders.
Apart from the above common ways, another safe and effective way is to have a surge protector power strip that can fully protect your devices against surges or spikes. A
surge protected power strip can allow you to charge and protect multiple devices at the same time. For people nowadays who have many appliances and electronic devices at home, a surge protector can deal with the problems of not enough power sockets and electrical safety. Besides, a good surge protector power strip has an on/off switch, when there is thunder, you just turn off the switch, and the power can be cut off.

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For home appliances, thunders are a threatening enemy. But if you can make every effort to guard against thunders, home appliances can be kept away from thunder damages. Hope the above tips are useful for you.

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