BESTEK Power Strip – Integrated Copper Design is the Ultimate Choice

October 31st, 2017


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Power strips have become one of the must-have household terminal power adapters in our daily life. Everyone has one or more power strips at home or in office to meet multiple device charging needs. When choosing a power strip, most of us often concentrate on what we can see with naked eyes, while never pay attention to its inside structure designs, materials and craftsmanship. But it is also important for us to have a power strip with better safety performance. Apart from built-in safety protections against overloading, overvoltage, overcharging and short-circuit, the design of power strip inner structure is also an important factor related to security.

The inner structure of a poor quality power strip

Many occurrences of electricity accidents are due to the poor quality of power chargers. As one of the most frequently used power adapter for home and office use, power strips with poor quality are easier to cause fire accident or electronic shock. You can find many kinds of power strips in market and if you’re attracted by the low price and the high-sounding words or pictures, be alert! You may be caught in a merchant trap. Many power strip manufacturers imitate the appearance design to make their products look great as other famous brands, but use poor quality materials for inner structures. The inner structures determine the working performance of a power strip, so know more about the inside structure materials and designs when choosing a power strip.

Poor power strip inner structure: copper wire + copper sheet

The inside structure of about 75% power strips in market is the combination of copper wire and copper sheet. Some manufacturers may adopt copper wires with low purity or small cross sections, or even use irony wires. The circuits with those wires are easy to generate cold joint, solder skips or solder errors, which can lead to safety hazards easily. These kinds of power strips are easy to heat up but have poor heat emission, so dangers are easy to occur especially in summer or under high temperature.

BESTEK power strip inner structure design – integrated copper design

To guarantee the safety of you and your devices,
BESTEK power strips all adopted advanced integrated copper design. The integrated copper design avoids soldering points. You don’t need to worry that the solder joint would fall off or there is cold joints, thus reducing the occurrence of short circuit or open circuit. Circuits in the integrated design can flow smoothly and continuously to provide higher conductivity. As for the materials, BESTEK uses the premium phosphor bronze materials that are very durable and perform better in power transmission. Besides, phosphor bronze can emit heat quickly to prevent devices to be damaged because of overheating. In general, integrated copper design has three main benefits as following to make power strips safer and more durable:
1.No quality problems because of poor welding
2.Better conductivity to charge devices faster and save energy
3.Better heat emission performance to protect devices from overheating

BESTEK power strip inner structure: integrated designed phosphor bronze

Is your power strip designed with inner integrated copper? If not, don’t worry, you can find one as you like in BESTEK, no matter you need one with multiple outlets, or long power cables.

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