Each Device is on Your Control with Separately Controllable Power Strip

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Home power strips make it easier for you to charge multiple electronic devices at the same time. USB devices can also be charged with a power strip so that you may pack away your cellphone chargers to declutter your desk. When connecting several devices to one power strip, how will you do when you don’t need to use one or two of them today? Most of you may just turn off the device. But in fact, the current is still flowing in the circuit, so your turned off device may not avoid the damages once there is surges or other electricity problems. The best way to protect your device when you don’t need to use it is to cut off the power source. That means you’d better shut off the power strip. But under normal conditions, a power strip may be used for a TV, a computer, a desk lamp, and other small electronics, how can you make it to protect the devices no need to use and keep other devices you need on the go? Then, you need a power strip that has independent switches to make each device on your own control. 

In the eyes of most people power strips are controlled by a main switch that allows you to turn off all the devices at once. The independent switches, however, enable you to control each outlet as you like. Each plugged devices can be turned off freely only by pressing its separate switch without blocking other AC outlets. There are also some power strips with USB switches for you to control USB devices. For those devices that you need to plug in and off frequently, the power strip with independently controlled AC outlets and USB charging stations is more suitable for you. 

For home use, the separately controlled outlets of a surge protector can protect your devices from damages when there are surges in thunderstorm days. You don’t have to worry about home theaters or televisions when you’re out. It is also a good way to save electricity by turning off the device you don’t need to use. Turn off outlet for your computer when you go to bed or turn off the TV when you don’t want to watch videos. While like other devices like routers and air conditioners, you may want to keep them full of energy all the time, then you can just leave the switches on. All the switches for different outlets work separately without interfering others. It is also ideal for office use. If you share a power strip with your colleagues, you can control your own device without blocking others. 

Compared to one-switch power strip surge protector, those with independent switches are made of international standard premium materials. Apart from the fire-resistant outer shell, the inner structure is designed with integrated phosphor copper design which ensures the highest safety and power conduction. Separately controllable power strips are required to be higher quality and safety protections, so they are better at resisting overheating, scratching and oxidation. 

To sum up, if there is a power strip with one main control switch and another with several independent switches, you can consider getting a separately controllable one so that each device is on your hand. 

BESTEK 8-Outlet Desktop Power Strip 

This desktop power strip has 8 AC outlets and 6 USB ports with two independent switches. The each of the two independent switches can control two AC outlets. It is helpful if you have both devices need to be used all the time and devices need to be plugged in and off frequently. Besides, 1500J surge protection can keep your devices safe from surges or spikes. 

BESTEK 6-Outlet Individually Switched Extension Lead 

There are 6 AC outlets and each outlet can be individfually controlled by a switch. 1.8M long power cable with long mountbale key holes makes it easier to install and use the 4-USB power strip. 

BESTEK 8-Outlet Surge Protector with 7 Independent Switches

This power strip surge protector is designed with 8 AC outelts, inlcuding one main control outlet and 7 individually controlled outlets. The red outlet is the main control outlet that can allow you to control the rest 7 outlets. The each of the 7 outlets has “Switched” mode and “Always on” mode. When you switch on the “Always on” mode, then 7 outlets will keep supplying power for plugged devices without controlled by the red main control outlet. But if the 7 outlets are in Switched mode, then you can control all the switched outlets by the main outlet, in which case, the devices are turned off when you unplug the devices connected to the main control outlet and get power again when there is device plugged into the main outlet. Of course, you can choose to keep several outlets for devices needed to be used all the time in “Always on” mode so that they won’t be influenced by the main control outlet as the other outlets in “Switched” mode. 

Power strips are smarter and smarter than before. The individually controlled power strips and surge protectors enable you to control your devices smartly and keep them safe. That is also a good way to save energy and money. If you have seen such a power strip with independent switches, don’t hesitate to bring them home.  

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