Protect Kids from Harms of Using Home Appliances

2017-09-05 01:11:40


In daily life, you may only concentrate on funs and relaxing that home appliances bring to you, but never notice what potential harms it may bring to use those appliances. For families who have kids who have weak resistance, it is rather more important to use appliances properly. There are many cases that kids got injured when using appliances. Electronic shock and electromagnetic wave are the two main harms of using home appliances. Let’s see what appliances can bring these harms.

Electronic Shock

Kids are always curious and active especially when seeing something new. If you find your kids playing
power strip, television, or other appliances, please take care. Your kids may get injured because of electronic shock. Some appliances have been used for years, so some of their components or wires are easy to grow aging. A brand new appliance may also cause circuit problems like overcurrent, overheating or short circuit, let alone an old one. Besides, if not properly used, lightning can also cause electric shock.

If you have appliances used for years, you’d better get new replacements. When choosing an electronic device, you should pay attention to its brand, material, craft and see whether it is fully protected with advanced safety technology. A power strip built-in safety doors and independent switch is better. Electronic pressure cookers are better than traditional cooking pots. Besides, place home appliances where kids can’t reach and use devices properly according to using instruction. Turn off appliance in thunderstorm days.

Electromagnetic Wave Harm
A research showed that children are the most sensitive to electromagnetic wave. Electromagnetic wave is so harmful that can increase the risks of suffering including cancer, intellective issues. Many appliances actually have electromagnetic wave like television, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric hair drier, and induction cooker.

Television generates electromagnetic waves especially when working. Television and electronic gaming machine can release 8-12rem per hour. The electromagnetic wave can penetrate through children’s body and cause lesion. Though usually the radiation rate is limited within a safe range, you still have to use it properly, keep kids over 2 meters away from television (radiation harms maximize within 1 meter distance). Don’t watch TV for too long and ask kids do some activities every two hours.

Refrigerator is a high magnetic field. Electromagnetic wave will be higher when it is working and buzzing. You should clean dust on heat emission tube to improve working efficiency and reduce radiation.

3.Electric hair drier
Electric hair drier also has radiation harm especially at the time when you turn on or off. The higher its power is, the higher radiation will be. If your head is too close to the device, it may cause dizziness and fatigue. You’d better not dry hair or your kids by electric device.

4.Induction cooker
There can be up to 160 milligauss around a working induction cooker, which is harmful to children during growth period. Besides, induction cooker generates thermal energy that may make kids scalded. So, protect your kids away from induction cooker.

Electronic devices have electromagnetic wave radiation but there will be harms if not using devices properly or have inferior products. For a better life, you can’t stop to use electric fans, air conditioner, refrigerator, television and other electric home appliances. So, you should find a good solution to use appliances intelligently. Increase children’s security awareness and teach them the hazards of using electric devices. Check home appliances in time and replace aging or defective devices. Use appliances properly like place devices where kids can’t reach, or don’t give permission of using appliances individually to children.

If you have kids at home, be alert to use appliances. To avoid occurrence of electric shock and reduce harm of electromagnetic wave radiation, you need to use home appliances properly and intelligently to protect your children from injuries.

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