Remove Potential Harms of Using Air Humidifier with Few Steps

September 25th, 2017


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Summer has come nearly to the end and the autumn is coming soon. Autumn is the driest season of the year. Dry air is really harmful to human skin and health. Hence the air humidifier has brought to people’s life. However, there are still potential risks of using humidifier while many people never attach importance to that. Actually, there are also some tips for people to use humidifier properly without harms.

Functions of air humidifier
Though there are potential hazards of using
air humidifier, harms can be avoided and provide various benefits to you if it is used in a right way. The humidifier can increase the humidity of the air in the room. Working or living in a moist atmosphere can keep your skin moistening and flexible. You can also add some essential oils in the cup. The diffuser will send out fragrant mist that can help release your body, cheer up your mood and relieve the harm of insomnia, cold, cough, asthma and skin allergy though aromatherapy.


Potential Harms and Solutions
1.Poor quality
air purifier can release harmful objects. In market nowadays, the price of humidifier varies according to different qualities and brands. Air humidifiers with poor materials can also release harmful particles along with the mist, and also increase the chances of causing power leakage.
Solution: you’d better choose a reliable brand that can ensure high qualities.

2.The air humidifier can make the air more moistening, but can also make air thinner. Facing straightly to the humidifier will cause difficulty in breathing.
Solution: no matter you use the humidifier at home or office, don’t let it face to you.

3.When using the humidifier, the air will become wet and warm, in which case the bacteria is easy to growing.
Solution: keep the desk clean in case the dust mix in the mist and suspends in the air. If you breath in such air, you will feel throat discomfort. You should also wash the humidifier frequently to remove the limescale because of long time using of tap water. A certain amount of limescale will decrease the service time of a humidifier.

4.Air is easy to become wetter when using the air humidifier. In wet atmosphere, some people are easy to get arthritis pain.
Solution: if there is someone who has arthritis pain in your family but your room air is too dry so you have to use the air humidifier, you’d better not use it contentiously. Turn the humidifier off when the room is not that much dry.

5.The air outlet of a humidifier must be in a dry environment because inside the humidifier, there are many components that are easy to break down if dipped in water. More importantly, that can cause power leakage and other unexpected accidents.
Solution: every time when you want to add some water, please still keep the air outlet dry in case the water drop leaks in. you can put the base in a safe place where kids can’t reach to. When you don’t need it, turn it off.

6.Tap water contains mineral substance that is harmful to respiratory if breathed into human body, and does harm to the device itself as tap water will leave limescale on the humidifier.
Solution: if you want to use water, you’d better use pure water. To make the mist healthy, you can add essential oils that can ease your body and mind, vinegar that can eliminate bacteria, or some salts that can relief a soar throat.


Air humidifier is beneficial to human health, but you must use it properly or it will bring some hazards. The above tips may help you make full use of the humidifier.

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