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2017-09-02 04:14:13


Time is money! How to save more time and money in your daily life? Hope this appliance can help you a lot.

Check below what you can cook with BESTEK pressure cooker. Most meals and recipes can be prepared quickly.
1. Soup
2. Rice
3. Porridge
4. Multi grain
5. Bean 
6. Tendon
7. Tenderloin 
8. Mutton
9. Cake
10. Chicken 
11. Duck
12. Stew Desserts
13. Steamed Egg
14. Steamed Spareribs
15. Steamed Fish
16. Others

Join in our topic discussion on Facebook. One free sample will be sent out, and the winner will be chosen from comments. 


1. Comment under the Facebook post >>> https://goo.gl/xbStbp

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Terms and Conditions
1. Worldwide
2. Prizes are limited to one person
3. Prizes cannot be refunded or replaced for non-quality issues
4. Comment on the Facebook post
5. Share photos of pressure cooker to us after the winners receive it.
6. Event runs from Sep 1st 00:00 PDT to Sep 15th 00:00 PDT
7. The winner announcement will be published at September 15th. 
8. When the event has ended we’ll email the winners. 
9. Please DO NOT review it on Amazon.
10. The shipping cost and tax fee are not included in.
11. BESTEK reserves the rights of the final explanation for the events.

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