Which is the Best Car Cellphone Holder You’ve Ever Seen?

2017-11-07 01:40:54


Cellphone is what almost everyone would take when going out by car. Of course cellphone is a helpful electronic gadget that can not only let you never miss any important messages and give you entertainment on the road, but also a good route guider. However, one-hand driving is very dangerous and also strictly prohibited. That is why car cellphone holders become popular and popular recently. Up to now, there are various types of car cellphone mounts for your option. The mount holders for cellphone may vary in shapes, installation types, materials and other additional features to meet the needs of different groups. So, which is the best cellphone car holder you have ever seen? Here let’s look at the pros and cons of several main types of cellphone car holders.

Type one: traditional sucked cellphone holder
The traditional suction cellphone holder can be mounted on windshield. This kind of cellphone holder comes with several fixed valves that can make your phone firmly stick on the windshield and allow you to adjust it to any angle as you like.

Pros: easy to install; flexible wide angle adjustment; reusable
Cons: a little bulky; block the view of some drivers when driving; long connection arm is not much stable and may affect driving security.

Type two: air vent car mount holder

The air vent car cellphone holder is installed in the space of air vent. These kinds of phone mount holders are often magnetic so that your phones can stick to it firmly. You can also adjust your cellphone freely to find the best viewing angle.

Pros: easy to install; reusable; space-saving; the mounting position won’t block the viewing range, much safer
Cons: 1. much particular about the shapes of air vent, can’t be used in a circular shaped, invaginated or non-intensive air vents; 2. Can’t keep holder stable all the time; 3. Only allows plane adjustment, so you can’t find the best viewing angle to see the GPS smoothly; 4. The air vent is forced to face down, which affect the direction adjustment of car air conditioner vent

Type three: sticky car phone stand
A sticky phone stand holder makes it so convenient that you can stick your phone to anywhere you want. Your phone can be fixed on the holder with a sticky mat but you can’t ensure whether it can still have good fixation after used for a long time.

Pros: easy to install; easy to place or use your phone
Cons: not so flexible for you to adjust viewing angle, now easy to use and look through when driving

Type four: magnetic

Magnetic cellphone holders are one of the most popular types for car users. The magnetic phone stand can fix your phone by the mutual adsorption between magnetic ball-shaped base, magnetic sheet and magnetic disk. You can easily place or take up your phone easily, but different from sticky types of cellphone mount stands, the magnetic phone stands have stronger fixation and can be used for longer time.

Pros: small-sized and space-saving; can be mounted anywhere you like in car; free view angle adjustment; compatible with all types of cellphones; keep phones much stable
Cons: the magnetic sheet sticking on your phone may affect the beauty of your device; if the magnetic force is too strong, it will be difficult to take up your phones. To handle the two problems, you can stick the slim magnetic sheet on the middle of cellphone case and cellphone back.

In general, you can find four types of cellphone holders. Which one do you think is the best? Sticky type, steering wheel fixed type and car cigarette lighter fixed type are not recommended as they may influence driving safety. Magnetic cellphone holders are more flexible and safer to use in car. How do you think?


 BESTEK magnetic car cellphone holder

Intensive force of attraction will hold devices firmly
extra strong suction cup with sticky gel which can adhere to windshield, dashboard or most smooth flat surfaces firmly
Magnetic ball head makes it possible to adjust your phone's position across 360 degrees

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