Travel Overseas? Don’t Forget Travel Adapter!

June 6th, 2017


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Great travel season comes again! Are you going to travel overseas? Look at your travel luggage. Are you prepared for travel adapters?

When it comes to worldwide travel, most people will have a long list of necessary items including cellphones, tablets, cameras, selfie and some essential things like clothes, shoes, passport, credit card, etc. A full list of travel gadgets can ensure you a happier and worry-free experience. However, things may become disappointing without it – the international travel adapter! Different countries have different plug types but some plug types are interchangeable for several countries. Without plug adapters, your electronic gadgets can’t be powered up in time even though you may bring a power bank which can only provide limited power.

Things you should know about travel adapters

Before you plan to take travel adapters, you should be aware of something according to which country you want to visit and what electronics you’ll have.

Plug shapes
First of all, you should know how the plug types compatible with foreign country look like. About shapes, there are plugs of rectangle, rhombus and circle. In terms of jack sockets, some have two jacks, some have three jacks and the rest may have irregular jacks.

Country voltage
Secondly, you should know the standard voltage of each country. In general, there are two types of voltage all over the world, 110V~130V and 220V~240V. Countries that can use 110V~130V include USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Lebanon, etc. And countries like Britain, German, France, Italy, Australia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Spanish, Sweden, and so on, must use 220V~240V. If you’re from a country with standard 110V~130V and you want to visit a country with 220V~240V, then you a power adapter that can convert voltage and provide plug adapters. If you only travel in countries what use the same voltage, then just an ordinary plug adapter is enough.

Introduction of four main plug types
1.    US Travel Adapter
America standard voltage is 120V, 60Hz, so if your devices are not compatible with it, prepare a voltage converter. The USB plug type can be used in America, Canada, Mexico, etc.

2.    EU Travel Adapter
Standard EU plug is compatible with German, Denmark, Finland, Norway, France, Italy, Netherland, Portugal, etc. The voltage is 220V, 50Hz.

3.    UK Travel Adapter
Standard UK plug is applicable for Britain, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, HK, etc. But please note that there are several plug types in Europe, so you’d better prepare more if you’re going for traveling in Europe.

4.    South Africa Travel Adapter
This plug types is mainly used in South Africa and its voltage is the same with most countries, 220V~240V.

If you like traveling all over the word, then it is recommended to prepare an international travel adapters which can not only convert voltage, but can also give you backup plug adapters.

BESTEK Travel Adapters, ensure you an easier and happier cross-border traveling

To deal with the problems of power supply when you’re in a foreign country, BESTEK has designed several models of travel adapters to meet your different requirements.

8-pack international travel adapter

BESTEK international travel adapters

This is also a wall charger with 4 USB chargers and three plug adapters (UK/US/EU), enabling you to charge multi mobile devices at the same time at overseas.


This travel adapter includes UK/AU/US/EU plug adapters and is functional to convert 220V into standard 110V. You can charge your 110V~120V electronic devices safely when traveling all over the world.

If you’re going for a worldwide trip, don’t forget the travel adapters. Get something useful in the above words and choose the suitable adapters you need. With international travel adapters in hand, enjoy a happy visit all over the world.


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