Warranty Introduction

We apologize in advance for whatever inconvenience that may be caused by BESTEK purchase, but we’re always here to offer help and make you satisfied. Thank you in advance for all of the information you provide, we know your time is valuable.

This page explains specific rules of product warranties and after-sale issues including refund and replacement. You can reach out to us via warranty claim page anytime when you have issues with purchases, products, or need quick help with any other problems.

Please note all that BESTEK warranties are automatically kept track of in our system. This limited warranty provided by the manufacturer in no way affects a potential statutory warranty provided by law.

Please also note that this page is for purchases made through not only bestekdirect.com, but also through Amazon, Walmart, Wish, Ebay. All BESTEK customers can find help here. For purchases made through authorized Bestek resellers not listed here, please contact them directly for assistance.

All products purchased from BESTEK come with a hassle-free warranty and after-sale service. Please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

You can reach us directly via email addresses below. For the fastest response, please use appropriate address for each platform. As warranty period differ according to models, please find the corresponding warranty period in the following table.

Warranty policy for our newly launched
Electric Brush

What is covered under warranty?

Defects due to faulty materials and workmanship will be repaired or replaced at BESTEK expense provided, as appropriate.

What is not covered under warranty?

● Brush heads- Damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, alterations or unauthorized repair.

● Normal wear and tear, including chips, scratches, abrasions, discoloration or fading.

● Wearing parts like brush head.

● Unauthorized dismantling, re-fixing, non-original parts exchanging and parts missing, etc.

● No provide valid and convincing proof of purchase.

Item Warranty Period (Months) img
300W Power Inverter (MRI3011MU) 24
150W Cigarette Lighter 24
8-Outlet Surge Protector 24
Vertical Power Strip Black 24
Vertical Power Strip White 24
Pure Sine Wave Travel Power Converter 24
300W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 24
150W Power Inverter 24
200W Cup Power Inverter 24
300W Power Inverter 24
220V to 110V Travel Power Converter 24
200W Power Inverter 24
Cube Power Strip 24
6-Outlet Surge Protector 24
Circular Power Strip 24
Power Strip with Individual Switches 24
2,000 Joules Surge Protector 24
Item Warranty Period (Months) img
300W Power Inverter 24
220V to 110V Travel Power Converter 24
200W Power Inverter 24
Cube Power Strip 24
6-Outlet Surge Protector 24
Circular Power Strip 24
Power Strip with Individual Switches 24
2,000 Joules Surge Protector 24

Products applicable for Bestek 18-month warranty
Item Warranty Period (Months)
Bestek M-Care Electrical Brush 24
Power Inverters 18
Surge Protectors & Power Strips 18
Travel Converter Adapters 18
Other Products 12

For purchases within 30 days

BESTEK warranties 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason.
You may return unopened product within 30 days of purchase for a replacement or refund. Once the returned item arrives back in Bestek’s warehouse for inspection, the refund process will begin.

Shipping Cost for Return
For quality related issues, Bestek will cover the shipping cost. For non-quality related issues, customers may be required to cover the shipping cost.
More cases that shipping costs must be covered by buyers:
● Product is not defective.
● Warranty claims on items taken outside the original country of purchase
● Returning items claimed to have defects but actually working.
● Returning defective items in international shipping
● Any returns made outside of the approved warranty process

Notes for Return
● Returns must include all accessories
● Items must include original packaging
● Returns may be rejected if items do not meet the above requirements

Warranty Claim within 30 days
For warranty claim or any other issues, you can contact BESTEK customer service center through support@bestekdirect.com
For quality related problems, you may claim a return, refund or a replacement directly on Bestekmall.
For non-quality related problems, please submit a request directly on the sales platforms where you made the purchase.

For Purchases After 30 Days But Within Warranty Period.

For Quality Related Issues

Please contact us at support@bestekdirect.com with proof of purchase, such as order number, nature of issue, and supporting photos/videos. BESTEK will reply to your request as soon as possible.

Valid proof for warranty claim includes:
● Order number
● Purchases platforms: Bestekmall or authorized resellers such as, Amazon, Wish, Ebay, Walmart, etc
● Sales invoice or transaction ID
● Supporting photos/videos
If supporting photos/videos cannot be provided, BESTEK reserves the right to require the customer to cover return shipping costs. Once the product has arrived at our warehouse and being inspected, BESTEK will offer a refund or replacement.

For Non-Quality Related Issues
Warranty does not cover any non-quality related issue, products sold by unauthorized resellers, improperly operated devices, free products or where the package was damaged during shipping.

For cases not covered under warranty:
● Products without sufficient proof of purchase
● Lost or stolen products
● Items that have expired their warranty
● Non quality-related issues (after 30 days of purchase)
● Free products
● Repairs by 3rd parties
● Damage from outside sources
● Damage from misuse of our products (including, but not limited to: falls, extreme temperatures, water, operating devices improperly)
● Purchases from unauthorized resellers

Please note, Bestek is not liable for:
● Loss of data incurred from use of Bestek products
● Returning personal items sent to Bestek

Contact Info for Authorized Sellers
Sales Channels Authorized Sellers Contact
Amazon US BESTEK customers.us@bestek.com
Amazon CA BESTEK customers.us@bestek.com
Amazon UK BESTEK customers.uk@bestekcorp.com
Amazon DE BESTEK customers.de@bestekcorp.com
Amazon FR BESTEK customers.fr@bestekcorp.com
Amazon ES BESTEK customers.es@bestekcorp.com
Amazon JP BESTEK cs@bestek.co.jp
Bestekdirect Bestekdirect support@bestekdirect.com
Ebay US BESTEK Mobile Power Station ebay-us@bestekcorp.com
Ebay UK bestekglobal ebay-uk@bestekcorp.com
Wish Wish wish-support@bestekcorp.com
Walmart BESTEK walmart-support@bestekcorp.com


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