Why Insulated Vacuum Kettle Can Keep Water Warm?

November 21st, 2017


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Insulated vacuum bottle and kettle are one of those small home appliances that people like most. During winter or when you want to drink warm or cool water, tea or coffee, you don’t have to boil water temporarily. You just boil water one time and keep water in the vacuum mug or kettle as the two small insulated devices can keep water in a temperature you like for a long time. Isn’t it amazing that the bottle do that for you without help from electricity like a pressure cooker which can only keep food warm with power on? Thanks to the advanced technology that is put into the design and production of vacuum mugs and vacuum kettles. 

Thermal Insulation Technology

As you know, heat contact is inevitable between objects with different temperature. Thermal insulation can stop or reduce the heat transfer by providing an insulated space where things can be isolated from lower-temperature objects, thus keep things in a certain temperature without any influence. The thermal insulation effect can be achieved with suitable insulation materials like stainless steel and glass. In the market now, you can see almost all the insulated kettles or bottles are made of stainless steel or glass. 

Electric cookers also have heat preservation function. Stainless steel pressure cooker can ensure heat not to be released during boiling and keep foods warm when the cooker goes into the warm keeping mode. Different from the way for electric pressure cookers, thermal insulated kettles power off automatically after finishing water boiling and can keep water warm, which also helps you to save more energy. 

How Does a Thermal Insulated Kettle Work?

Electric vacuum kettle is composed of stainless steel inner pot, stainless steel outer shell, electric heating element, temperature control switch, etc. Temperature controller can quickly cut off power to stop boiling when water is boiling and can also switch off automatically when there is no water to protect your device from dry boiling. There is a vacuum chamber between stainless steel inner pot and outer shell and the electric heat element is designed in the surface of inner pot, so on one hand, less heat will be lost and ensure high heating efficiency, and on the other hand, the inner pot and outer shell offers an insulated vacuum layer that avoids fast heat transfer like traditional electric kettle that conducts heat by air, thus reducing heat loss and giving warm keeping function. The water kettle is also a sealed space with a controllable lid. You can press the lid to open the water outlet when you want to pour out water and the lid will close automatically when free up your hand to stop heat emission. 

Similar to an electric kettle, vacuum bottle or mug is also made of double insulated stainless steel wall, including an inner pot and outer shell, to stop heat transfer. When you add boiled water into an insulated bottle, the sealed bottle can keep water warm for a long time. When you go out for camping or traveling, it is convenient for you to take warm water or coffee with a vacuum insulated bottle. 

BESTEK temperature control electric kettle stainless steel 1.7L

The 2000W electric stainless steel kettle can provide you boiled water quickly and automatically shut down when water is boiled or there is no water to protect device from damages because of boil dry boiling. The LCD display can detect and display the water temperature 70 to 100 degrees centigrade  so that you can drink water with the best temperature as you like. 

BESTEK stainless steel insulated travel mug

This portable vacuum insulated mug is perfect for traveling or any other outdoor activities. 17oz capacity allows you to take enough drinks cold or warm as you like. Made of 304 double walled stainless steel materials, the travel bottle can keep drinks warm or cold for up to 12 hours. 

BESTEK double wall stainless steel thermal carafe 

BESTEK is perfect for home or office use. Made from durable 18/8 stainless steel, the carafe can keep beverages like coffee, water, tea, milk, juice and so on in a warm temperature all day long. 50 Ounce capacity can provide drinks for whole family. 

Thermal insulation technology and premium insulation materials give high warm keeping function and also help reducing energy consumption. Insulated vacuum kettle, bottles or carafes can keep beverages in a certain temperature and offer you the best tempered drinks as you like. They are the necessary small appliances that you should have. 

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