Will Power Inverters Be the Future Main Power Supply for Motor Cars?

October 24th, 2017


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Power inverters are widely used recently in cars during the motor time when motor industry develops rapidly and various electronic devices are flourishing. Car power inverters have handled charging problems for most people who have to spend much time on the road. At the same time when power inverters have gained more and more popularities, you can think of power banks, the traditional power supply devices that are frequently used when going out, and you can also see the newly power supply, solar power, approached to the scene view of human gradually with the trial of solar cars in these two years. Three main methods of power supply are used for automobile, but power inverter, as the current most popular car charger, will be the future motor car power supply? To help you find out this answer, let’s start with introductions of power inverter, power banks, and solar power.

Power Inverter

Power inverter is an electronic device that converts DC power into household AC power. At present, almost everyone has more than one electronic device, so common power banks seem less able to meet the multiple charging requirements. Plus self-driving and recreation vehicle traveling become more and more popular, some appliances like cooker, vacuum cleaner, kettle, are also needed to be used during travel, but mobile power banks don’t provide necessary AC power and sockets. Power inverters for car can provide you both USB ports and AC charger, enabling you to keep mobile devices and home appliances on the go. The power inverter gets power from car battery, so don’t worry that it will die on halfway as long as the car is running normally.

To better fit your needs, some leading power inverter manufacturers like BESTEK has added many new functional features into the devices, such as intelligent identification technology or quick charger for USB ports, higher power conductivity rate, heavy-duty fire-resistant materials and more advanced all-around safety protections, to ensure everyone a safer and easier charging experience on the road. Power inverters are also helpful in emergency or when there is power failure. For business people who need to work in remote areas, power inverters are must-have. When there is natural disasters like flood and earthquake, power inverter can also supply you timely power to support communication, transportation, food and so on, to reduce the sufferance of residents. You can find various power inverters ranging from 75W to 3000W and more. Different wattages can meet your different charging needs. Choose the right power inverter according to your real needs.

Power Banks
Power banks are used to be the most frequently used mobile power supply for most people who need to go out for something. You can still see people using power banks on the road. But most of them are use power banks when they are out of cars, such as in an office room, in a class, or participate in an outdoor activity when charging sockets are not available. And most of them use the power banks for USB devices like cellphones, speakers and other USB devices. You can also see some passengers using power banks on the road, but for car users now, power banks are not the best choice, as the power banks can only provide one or two limited charging stations and limited power capacities though you can find power banks that can allow you to charge devices for three or four times. At present, self-driving travel and business trip are popular. During the trip in car, both mobile USB devices and home appliances are needed to be used, so the small power banks can’t meet all the charging requirements at the same time. But for emergency, power banks are also playing an useful role. You can prepare for a power bank as a backup power supply.

Solar Power
Solar power, the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, is not anything new. Solar power is not very common for car users now, but most of you must have seen or used solar powered products like street lights, solar water heaters, etc. In fact, solar power has been adopted into automobile industry. The world’s first solar power car has come into people’s life but haven’t never achieved mass production. You can see more and more solar cars in the future with unveil of World Solar Car Challenge 2017 on Oct 8th. Solar power technology has been brought into use by many motor giants including Tesla, Sono. Solar power energy has been placed in an important position not because it is a new way for manufacturers to produce more products, but also a good way to make living environment better as solar powered cars get energy from endless natural resources that is environmental friendly and energy-saving. In today’s industrial time, living environment for human beings and animals has been polluted severely these years. Up to now, there are many animals on edge of extinction. For the development automobile industry and the sake of human and animals, solar power may be a good choice for motor cars in the future. But the solar power is easy to get affected by changing weathers. So, who knows whether solar power can be the future main car power supply or not?

Power inverters, power banks and solar power are the three methods of car power supply that can be found in today’s market. Each power supply has its own merits and can meet your needs in a certain occasion. At the moment for car users, power inverters DC to AC may be the most frequently used devices. But in the future, which do you think will be the main power supply?

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