Hey, Juice Lovers, You Can’t Do without a Right Juice Blender

June 15th, 2019


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For juice lovers, having a drink of juice every day can keep refreshed all day long. While juice beverages sold in stores sometimes contain additives that are harmful to the human body, so it has become a habit for those who love juice to have a juice blender to make healthy juice at home every day. 

The juice that can be mixed with fruits and vegetables is full of vitamins but contains low calories. With a juice blender, you can make various kinds of juices freely as you like. For those who want to lose weight, keep a healthy diet or discharge toxification, drinking a cup of juice is the most cost-effective and easiest way. But most juice lovers come to a halt halfway due to three problems of troublesome juice making, difficult cleaning, and bad taste. Is your blender idle in the corner with many specks of dust? That is because you haven’t got the right juice blender or use it accurately.

Choose a good juice blender, half the work with double results. 

A good juice blender can allow you to make various juice with recipes in a short time and easy to maintain. You can find many kinds of juice blenders now, including juice extractor, masticating style juicer, and blades style juice maker. Juice extractor may be more suitable for fruits but not vegetables or other foods. Blade style juice blender crushes things by sharp blades and centrifugal energy. The blender can mix fruits, vegetables and even crush ice quickly. You can enjoy more types of drinks as you like. The masticating style juicer can better to maintain the nutriment of raw materials but it can’t fully grind the fruits, so the juice may include pulps. If you only want to drink fruit juice, you can choose juice extractor. Blender can allow you to drink mixtures of both fruit and vegetables. You can choose one type of juicer based on your own taste.

Mainly for fruits and vegetables 

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How to Make Juices to Your Own Taste? 

Juice extractors and blenders make it easier for juice lovers to make healthy and delicious drinks at home. But many people find it hard to make tasteful juice as they expected. Don’t complain about your juice maker machine that only extractor blends mechanically in a smarter way. How your juice tastes depends on what and how many ingredients you add and how you make them. To get better flavor, some ingredients like sugar, honey, vanilla, mint, milk, and water, can be added into the fruits or vegetables. Don’t think water may destroy the original taste, but water can reconcile sour taste of fresh fruits. Juice can be made of fruits, vegetables or mixture of both. According to the expert's advice, the juice may be healthier to add green vegetables like spinach, kale borecole. Here are four tips for you to have a good mix. 

1. To make pure fruit juice, mix strong tasted fruits with strong tasted ones (bananas, dragon fruit, pawpaw, strawberry, mango), and mix light tasted fruits with sauce tasted ones (lemon, pear, watermelon, grapefruit).

2. Milk is more suitable to be added into strong tasted fruit mixtures. Milk may become granular if added sauce fruits like lemon, oranges. But you can also have a try. The most typical mix for milk is to add bananas and pawpaw. 

3. Create your own tasteful fruit mixtures. Many fruits seem unmatchable with each other while finally gives you surprisingly delicious goodness. You can try to add as many kinds of fruits as you like to discover the best juice for yourself. 

Choose a Detachable Blender and Clean It Correctly 

Washing the juice blender that is filled with fruits pulps and residues is a big headache for everyone. But if you don’t clean it for a long time, fruit pulp or vegetable resides especially in the filters and gaps of the cup wall will easy to accumulate and become congealed, which will add difficulties to fully clean it. To make cleaning easier, you’d better choose a detachable juice extractor or blender and wash each part in time. As for materials, the glass jar will be easier to clean. Just add detergent, wash it with water and wipe it with a dry cloth. While a plastic blender container is not that easy. Even though you can clean the pulps or residues, you can’t remove all kinds of smells. To keep hassle-free maintenance, a detachable juicer with glass jar may be your best choice. 

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Here are also four tips for you to maintain your juicer in an easier and efficient way. 

1. To clean blades, pull out the fibers slowly first, then scrub it with steel wool. But don’t clean it too hard, or the blades may be damaged. 

2. If you have a multi-functional juice blender to mincemeats, the blades will be harder to clean. Add some oil to reduce meat stickiness and use the steamed bun to blend the leftovers.

3. To remove powder ingredients like pepper, first wash it with detergent and wipe it with a dry cloth, finally wash it with hot water to dissolve particles. 

4. To keep away from germs or bacteria, sock the blender in hot water after finishing cleaning. 

Drinking juice every day is a way to keep a healthy lifestyle. What juice lovers concern more is how to make delicious drinks without compromising nutrition and how to maintain the juice extractor or blender without costing too much time or energy. If you choose the right juicer, you can make nutritious beverages and maintain it without any problems. 

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