For Work or Study, You Need a Suitable LED Desk Lamp

October 30th, 2017


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LED desk lamps are very common in daily life. You can see students and office workers using LED table lights at night. Eye-protection LED lamps can provide enough brightness for reading and working at night, and also protect eyes from Myopia, presbyopia or amblyopia that more and more young people are now suffering from. There are many types of desk lamps in market. Different table lamps vary in appearance and functions. What kind of desk lamp with eye-protection are you using now or going to choose? BESTEK has launched various types of LED desk lamps specially used for students and night office workers with advanced ye protection technology.

Advanced eye protection technology
It is said that the number of myopic people has reached up to 47% of the world, so a table lamp built-in premium eye protections is rather important and urgent now. To help deal with this problem, BESTKE has brought into advanced side-glowing technology that can provide you soft illuminance by avoiding direct lighting. The advanced eye-protection technology also ensures no flicker or glare that may cause harmful eye diseases. Suitable illumiance, not too dim or too bright, can keep you in a relaxing status and reduce eye fatigues. Color rendering index is also important. According to the standard of CIE, the color rendering index of a good desk light should be over 80%. All BESTEK desk lamps have reached to more than 80% CRI. In fact, desk lamps are not only for studying or working. You can also use the lamp for many other purposes. BESTEK ;ED table lights offer several brightness levels to allow you freely choose your favorite lighting mode for different moods or occasions, including reading, study, sleep and relaxing. To protect your eyes, you need an eye-friendly LED desk lamp.

Types of BESTEK Desk Lamps for Your Option
You can see many types of LED desk lamps in BESTEK. These table lights differ in appearance designs, illumimance levels, and other special features. You can always find one that can really meet your needs.

Gooseneck LED desk lamp
Gooseneck desk light is much flexible than other types of table lamps. The metal collapsible gooseneck tube is bending-resistant to make the lamp adjustable to any angle as you like, real sense of 360°rotatable. It is easy to have the best viewing angle by one hand adjusting. 


BESTEK Gooseneck desk lamp
4 color temperature
4 brightness levels
Luminance: 1400Lux, 80lm/w
Lifespan: 40000 hours

Detachable LED Desk Lamp
Detachable desk lamp is dual-functional and easy to maintain. Some part of the lamp body can be removed off so that you can clean it completely. The lamp head of some desk lights can be used as a handheld flashlight when you detach it. BESTEK detachable desk lamp comes with a removable head that ensures 3 adjustable brightness levels and 90mins long working time when used as a flashlight.


BESTEK LED desk lamp with detachable head
4 lighting modes
Color temperature: 2700-6500K
Color Rendering Index: ?80
Lifespan: 10000 hours
Other features: USB ports, timer

Dual-Installable Desk Lamp
Most of the desk lamp can only stand on the desk with an ant-slid base. In recent years, you can also find many other desk lamp installations by clamps or grommets. A multi-way installable reading lamp makes it much easier for you to use and meet your different needs. A clip-on desk lamp can be mounted by clamps on desk, shelf, edge of the bed or any edge of planes.

BESTEK desk and clamp light
3 brightness levels
Color temperature: 5500-6000K
Color rendering: > 80
Illumination: 400mm 750 Lux
Lifespan: 60000 hours

Architect desk lamp
Architect desk lamps were originally ideal for architect’s office as the lamp had adjustable head and stems to help light up blueprints in any angle. Architect desk lamps are also called drafting lamps and task lamps. But now such lamps which are simple in design and functional can also fit in any home or office decorations.

BESTEK architect swing arm desk lamp
7 brightness levels
Color Temperature: 5500K---6500K
Color rendering: > 80
Illumination: 350 Lux
Lifespan: 30000 hours

 To protect your eyes, you need a good eye-protection table lamp. BESTEK can provide various types of desk lamps for your option. Built-in advanced eye-protection technology, BESTEK table lights can provide you flexible and comfortable brightness to meet your mood and need. Gooseneck lamp, detachable lamp, multi-installable lamp or architect lamp? Here you can find one that really suits you.

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