7 Types of Patio Umbrella

April 10th, 2017


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A patio umbrella becomes an indispensible outdoor equipment to shade you from the burning sun especially in the hot summer days. A good patio umbrella looks elegant and beautiful that can only provide you coolness in any outdoor occasions but also can be a fashion and charming color to make life more wonderful. There are multiple patio umbrella types according to different design styles and using occasions. For homeowners, it is necessary to know something about patio umbrella and pick up an ideal shade provider.

1.  Table patio umbrella
Table patio umbrella may be the most common shade provider type. Just as the name implies, table patio umbrella often can stand in the hole of a patio table. These umbrellas look like an oversized umbrella that can be held in hand. The table umbrella can be used at home yard, balcony if it is large enough so that people sitting around the table for dinner or drinking can get enough shade and enjoy themselves freely even in summer days. This kind of umbrella often comes with its own base so that it can stand firmly without placing any undue stress on the table.


2.  Tilting umbrella
Compared to the table patio umbrella, tilting umbrella is added a pivoting feature. Tilt umbrella is designed with an additional joint about three quarters height of the pole so that the umbrella is not a fixed angle but can rotate around the pole. This kind of umbrella is more flexible and smarter than normal umbrellas as it can shade as much scorching heat as possible throughout the day by pivoting its angle with the sun moving over the course of the day. It is also easy to install and use. Similar with table umbrella, tilting umbrella also has a support base that can stand on the ground firmly. Only by adjusting the tilt of the umbrella, it can change angle with the sun moving.


3.  Cantilever or off-set umbrella

Cantilever umbrella or offset umbrella essentially has a support base that is big and solid enough to make it stand stable on the side. Different from table patio umbrella and tilting patio umbrella, the pole of a cantilever patio umbrella is designed on the side of the canopy not right in the middle. There is a long arm that can hold up the big canopy for people under the umbrella. A table can also be placed under the umbrella for dinner or drinking, but not required a patio table, a small tea table or several seats are also enough. This kind of umbrella has a hole for the pole as the cantilever umbrella can be off to the side so it can ensure a larger movement area. Because of the need of supporting the long arm that holds up the big canopy, off-set umbrellas are much heavier and less portable than others. It is ideal for a certain leisure situation.


4.  Palapa Tiki-Style Umbrella

Palapa Tiki-Style Umbrella is made of polypropylene faux grass cover that make it look like a grass tiki hut. This kind of umbrella is exotic that can be used not only at home yard, but ideal for beach and pool. If you use it in the beach, you can stick it in the sand. If you want to use it with a table, then a 50-pound around stand base is needed. Designed with grass material, the umbrella is suitable for both sunny weather and windy weather. If it is use in windy weather, a 70-pound base is recommended.


5.  Sail Umbrella

Sail umbrellas are popular for those who have children. Unlike traditional umbrellas, sail patio umbrellas is designed as a tri-cornered umbrella piece that can don’t need any pole to support but can easily tie it above a patio furniture set or table, and even can be tied on the trees. One benefit of sail umbrellas is that it doesn’t need heavy support base and long pole, so it is more portable and convenient to carry and pack in a bag or box.


6.  Commercial patio umbrella

Commercial patio umbrellas can often be seen in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and other special stores. This kind of umbrella is a good idea that can not only decorate the environment to make store more special to appeal more customers but can also can be put outdoor door to provide a larger and freer atmosphere. Maybe commercial patio umbrellas are within a limited application, but homeowners can also use them at home for long-last use.


7.  Cobana Solar LED Umbrella

Cobana Solar LED Umbrella can also be used with a table. Some cobana solar umbrellas can also pivot to customize a suitable angle like tilting patio umbrellas. But different form table umbrellas and tilting umbrellas, cobana solar umbrellas are designed with low-voltage LED lights that can provide brightness at night.


There are multiple types of
patio umbrellas for you to select. No matter you want to shade form the heat in hot summer, or to provide coolness at home yard, in the beach or other outdoor occasions, patio umbrellas are helpful and effective to protect your skin from the sun. Choose one that is suitable for you.

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