7 Common Senses about Using Pressure Cooker

May 9th, 2017


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Pressure cooker is a quick and effective cooking method for today’s time-pressed world. It can effectively cut the cooking time and allow you to enjoy delicious food within a short time. Pressure cooker safety problems are still what people concerns. If used properly, the pressure cooker for cooking is safe. To have a safe pressure cooking, you need a high quality appliance and yourself equipped with some common senses about the appliance. Pressure cookers are one of the most frequently used appliances in the kitchen. If you’re having a pressure cooker, look at here and learn something about it.

Question one: pressure cooker lifespan is limited to 8 years
Thrift housewives may never stop using the
pressure cooker until it breaks down. Some high quality pressure cookers have long lifespan and you can use it for many years. But is it really safe? The answer is no. Though the pressure cooker is still workable for years, tiny changes may have actually taken place inside the equipment that you can hardly check it out by your two eyes. Pressure cookers are made of aluminum alloy materials whose structures will get porous under high temperature and high pressure, thus reducing its working intensity. The longer time a pressure cooker is used, the more dangerous it will be to use it. A research that tested 3000 pressure cookers for a long time shows that it is better to use a pressure cooker for 1 hour per day and its service life shouldn’t be longer than 8 years. How old is your pressure cooker now? If it is so strong to have fought with heat and high pressure, it’s time to throw it and replace a new one.

Question two: the pressure-limiting valve should be buckled up after the exhaust pipe steaming.
About the procedure of using a pressure cooker, you need to note the step of buckling the pressure limiting valve. You should do that step after you see that vapors steam from the pipe. It is because that cool air can’t eject from the pressure container if the valve is buckled up for the cool cooker, thus the foods won’t be stewed thoroughly. In addition, if the valve is buckled up directly it is not easy to tell whether it is free flow to exhaust. And the safety systems are easy to be blocked if buckle the valve too early. Therefore, the pressure limiting valve should be buckled up after the vapor emits form the pipe.

Question three: the cooker can’t run dry
Pressure cookers are different from other household appliances as pressure cookers need to bear the high pressure with help of pot cover and pot body. Some users are not so much clear about using a pressure cooker and use it for baking pancake, popcorn, and other foods that should be made by a pan. In this case, it is easy to get dry and leave a whole aluminum alloy pot exposed to the hot temperature, thus shortening its life and increasing using hazards. Therefore, the pressure cooker can’t run dry and it can’t be used as a
pressure container anymore once it runs dry seriously.

Question four: it’s better to cook under lower heat after the valve is steaming.
If the vapor exhausts from the pressure limiting valve, it is better to turn the high heat into low temperature, because it is easy to boil up the water inside the pot and produce more air that may block the pipe. Besides, it is also a way of energy waste as the vapor exhausting illustrates that the foods are almost ready. Low heat can keep air exhausting from the valve regularly and keep the inside pressure as high as it is under high heat.

Question five: how does the opening-closing cover start its safety function?
The opening-closing cover safety function is realized by the cooperation of safety plate, spring handle and check valve. When there us over 5Kpa pressure inside the pot, the safety plate is locked and irremovable. The lower handle prevents the handle turning, thus keeping the cover closed though the pressure is high. In this case, it guarantees the safety of using a pressure cooker.

Question six: the function of the block proof cover

The vapor pipe is a device for air exhausting. The pipe is so thin that it is easy to get blocked when there is pressure inside the pot. The block proof cover is at the bottom of the pipe for filtering and buffering, which reduced the possibility of blocking.

Question seven: the function of spring safety valve.
The spring safety valve is used to limit the vapor to exhaust within a safety pressure. The structure and performance are important for a spring valve. With the spring safety valve, you don’t need to worry about blocking because of maloperation or uncleaning.

Pressure cooker has become an indispensible cooking method for today’s kitchen. In order to cook safely, these common senses or questions are also important for you to remember. Cook safely and enjoy a meal quickly and happily.

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