BESTEK Shines in 2017 Global Source Electronic Fair

2017-04-17 07:24:40


On April 11th, Global Source Electronic Fair which is known as the global biggest purchase trade exhibition of electronic products was unveiled in Hong Kong Asia World-Expo Center. BESTEK was invited to participate in this great electronic fair (from April 11th to April 14th). In this summit, 6200 booths showed the latest electronic products from China and other 5 countries and areas. There are buyers from over 140 countries and areas all over the world coming to visit this fair. BESTEK shined in it and appealed a huge crowd to visit BESTEK products.

Shows in 2017 Global Source Electronic Fair
At present, Hong Kong Global Source Electronic Fair is now in full swing. There are two big events in the whole Global Source Fair: one is the show of the latest products of consumer electronics, VR and gaming devices, electronic components and intelligence form 3600 booths during April 11th to April 14th; another is to show products of smart phones, tablets, AR & VR, the wearable and electronic accessories form 2600 booths.

In this year’s fair, there will be a special zone for digital signage and display technology, fitness and health products, the booth of electronic car instead of walking and so on in order to provide more options for reactions, health, and transportations. In addition, visitors can experience those cool tech gears in VR gaming experience area, drone experience area. During the fair, the biggest newly B2B hardware enterprise booth will display the latest technology and products from over 200 newly established companies, products including self-driving cars, fitness technology, the wearable and seminar of Internet of things technology. In recent two years, the development of electronics boost the rapid increasing demands of electronic parts, so there will also show products internal parts of drones, robots and industry electronics, car electronics, the wearable and intelligent home security, etc. 

Apart from product and technology shows, fair committee also set up sub-forum speeches which are the current concerns. Intelligent Life Forum invites guests form Microsoft and Huawei to interpret the development status of intelligent home and all kinds of solutions for software and hardware. The forum of drones invited guests from Audi, UBER to explain the current research and development achievements and future plan of driverless cars.

What’s more, brand new elements have also been added into this grand show. The add-on electronic trade zone is specially designed for e-businessmen and Amazon buyers to provide one-stop service. During the show, buyers can communicate with exhibitors directly and got the information about warranty, logistics, factory inspection and the third party service. Apart from the original B2B direct selling, a new trade mode called O2O service also showed its charming in this electronic show. In O2O service, buyers can place an order online directly if they take a fancy to a product. The Global Sell Products Gallery makes it possible for buyers to purchase any products in this gallery and products will be shipped within 48 hours to any areas all over the world. In addition, special marks can be labeled to those exhibitors who support penny antes to avoid unnecessary communication cost before placing an order.

BESTEK in 2017 Global Source Fair
In this Global Source Electronic Fair, teams from BESTEK brought BESTEK star products which attracted much attention from most buyers. As mentioned above, car industry and smart home are the two important themes in this show. All electronic producers were striving to recommend their latest relative products. BESTEK was one of them and shined among the crowd. Before then, BESTEK has taken part in Global Sources Fairs for many times. BESTEK brand has become one of the top brands in the world in terms of car accessary and is about to guide the smart home under the principle of “BESTEK, Bester Life!” BESTKE car accessories like power inverter, car jump starter, and cigarette lighter, keep rank the top in all sales platforms and are thought highly of by all BESTEK customer and fans all over the world. In this show, foreign buyers gathered to visit BESTEK products and have placed many orders directly. Thanks BESTEK electronic fair representatives who carefully and patiently gave a specific introduction to all visitors and it is also appreciate to all visitors who like and support BESTEK products.

Display of BESTEK in-car products – Power Inverter, Car Jump Starter, Cigarette Lighter


Display of BESTEK power source & smart home products – Power Strip, Multi USB Charger


A foreign buyer who looks so happy to visit BESTEK booth in 2017 Global Source Electronics Fair


A BESTEK representative who is patient to introduce BESTEK multi USB chargers to visitors

For BESTEK, it shows in the Global Source Electronic Fair hasn’t been finished yet though BESTEK booth was set up during April 11th to April 14th. This is a chance for BESTEK to provide guiding to electronics in hope of making life better. It is also a beginning for BESTEK to absorb the latest technology and create more humanized products in all directions.

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