Benefits of Using Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

April 24th, 2017


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A vacuum cleaner is an ideal household sweeper for cleaning a room, a carpet or somewhere with masses. While a normal vacuum cleaner can’t reach to some corners and somewhere with many masses. A handheld vacuum cleaner helps handle these problems. A handheld one is more portable, convenient and functional that it can clean up a larger area including the places where a normal cleaner can’t reach. As talked in the last article, vacuum cleaner is a nice helper for house wives to keep home clean and reduce tiredness. Here will talk about some benefits of using handheld vacuum cleaner compared to normal cleaners.

1. Small and lightweight

Most handheld vacuum cleaners now are designed with a light weight and small size, less than five pounds and less than half size of normal cleaners. Small cleaners make it easier for you to place in the kitchen, yard, corners or anywhere else without occupying space and help keep space tidy. Some compact vacuum cleaners can be put into your bag, luggage or even a pocket. If you’re living in a smaller room, a smaller vacuum cleaner is a better option.

As for weight, it varies based in different vacuum cleaner model. The lighter a cleaner is, the easier you’ll find it to use. A lightweight vacuum cleaner can be easily carried and used to vacuum dirty floors or carpets quickly. For the elders, a lightweight vacuum cleaner is more suitable. Using a handheld vacuum cleaner, they don’t need to use much energy to struggle with heavy and bulky equipment, and can even carry it up the stairs without worrying about falling down. Handheld vacuum cleaners are more portable and lightweight that is suitable for any space, large or small, and better for household

2. Portable and convenient

Vacuum cleaners are small and lightweight. No matter you’re a kid or an adult, it is easy for you to carry and use. A
corded vacuum cleaner has a cord holder and long cable. With a handheld stick, the cleaner can work by an extension tube or be held by hand. There is little complication in the operation of a handheld vacuum cleaner. Charge it and use it to sweep. For the young who knows much about computers, smart phones and other tech gadgets, using a handheld vacuum cleaner is a piece of cake. In terms of cordless vacuum cleaners, they are supported by battery and can’t finish cleaning without enough power. Don’t forget charge the battery before using it.

3. Functional and powerful
Though a
handheld vacuum cleaner is small and lightweight, it is more powerful and functional than normal cleaners. First, handheld cleaners can reach to larger spaces and even anywhere that a normal vacuum cleaner can’t go. You may have a headache when cleaning floors, corners, edges, etc. Normal cleaners can’t reach to the dirty in those places. You must not want to see your room look messy because of these hidden things. Second, handheld cleaner has wider application options, such as a corded vacuum cleaner, you can use it for cleaning the floor, the carpet, the floor, the yard, while a cordless vacuum cleaner can be used for outdoors, for example, you can take it in your car to vacuum dirt in your vehicle. Third, a handheld vacuum cleaner is good at sweeping hairs and small things. Some people may have pets at home or have several children. It is annoying when there are hairs from your pets or when there are many small things your kids left after playing and you want to empty the trash effectively. A handheld cleaner has a large dust bag and can vacuum many tiny things even hairs.

A handheld vacuum cleaner has more benefits compared with normal ones. Handheld vacuum cleaners are more portable and powerful, suitable for small or large spaces and can be used indoors or outdoors. Are you still using a normal cleaner? It’s time to change a handheld vacuum cleaner to make your home cleaner.

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