Common Questions of Using Car Jump Starters

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Car jump starters replace the traditional car starting methods and bring much convenience for car users. More and more people choose to prepare a jump starter in the automobile for backup battery. It is really an effective and fast way to jump a car when it installs suddenly and can’t start again. But some people still can’t use the jumper properly. To help people use the jump starter properly and safely, here are listed some common questions of using a jump starter.

Questions about jumper additional functions

Question one: how many functions does a jump starter have?
Some people only know to use the jump starter for starting a car, while neglecting its other powerful features. Most jumpers now are designed with multi USB charging ports so that you can power up electronic devices like cellphones, tablets, and MP3/4 players on the road. Some jumpers have a LED light for illuminating. You can use it as a flashlight to look for something at night or in the corners. Commonly a LED light has more than one mode including flash light, strobe light, and SOS. You can use it for emergency. Besides, some jump starters have a safety hammer which is important when the car is trapped in river or other urgent things. It is solid enough that can break the window glass quickly so that life can be saved in time.

Question two: how to use the jumper to charge electronic devices?
First of all, you need to check what the voltage of the jumper and electronic devices need. After connecting the device and jumper, press the “ON” button and it will begin to charge your devices. Voltages of some jump starters can be switched from 12V to 19V and more. There will be different lights that indicate different voltage modes. That is why you need to check what voltage your electronic devices needs.

Question three: how to use the LED lights for emergency?
There is a switch for you to turn light on and off. You can switch the light modes freely. The LED light has three or four light modes, including high light, low light, strobe light, and SOS. It can be used as a torch that you can find things easily at night especially when you’re still on the road. More importantly, it can be used for emergency with SOS mode.

Question four: how long does it take to be fully charged?
Usually it needs only 2~3 hours. When used for charging cellphones, the jump starter just likes a power bank. When the
jumper is fully charged, you can power your cellphones for 5~7 times. About the time of charging electronics, it varies due to different cellphone battery and currents. If the USB ports in a jump starter can reach to 2A, then the phones can be charged as fast as its original chargers.

Questions about jumping start a car

Question one: how to jump start a car?

When your car stops because of some reasons, the jump starter can be greatly helpful. First, check the power capacity of the jumper. Usually make sure the power is over 60% power. Second, correctly connect the positive clamp and negative clamp respectively with the positive and negative connector of the car battery, usually red with red and black with black. Please note that there will be short-circuit if the positive and negative connectors are plugged wrongly. But don’t worry.
Car jump starters now are built-in full protections. If the short-circuit occurs, the fuse will be blown to avoid damages to people and devices. Third, plug the plug socket of the car battery into the car jump starter and turn the key to the “start” mode. If it fails the first time, just wait for a few seconds and turn the key again. Fourth, if the car is successfully starts, plug out the car battery socket from the within 30 seconds and remove the two clamps from the car battery.

Question two: how does it occur when the car can’t be started?
There are few reasons when you use a jumper but the car can’t be started, either. If this occurs, you can check the problems as follows.
1.    Some car batteries are plumbic acid batteries which have an average life of 1~2 years and some even less than one year.
2.    If the car battery hasn’t been used for a long time, the power will be lost because of battery self-discharge.
3.    If a car owner forgets to turn off the car lights, sometimes the car can’t be started, either, so be sure to turn all the lights off when you want to start a car.
4.    Though the car isn’t used, the tablets and antitheft devices are still working normally and will run out of the battery if it is in this case for a long time.
5.    If the temperature is too low, the battery may not be able to provide high current to start a car.
6.    Continuous alerts because of outside thunder or firecracker sounds can also run out of the battery.

Car jump starters are popular now because of its useful features. You can use it to jump start your car, to charge electronic devices, to handle emergency situations and safe life. Versatile jump starters for cars are effective but you need to use the jumper smartly and safely by learning from theses common questions.

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