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April 14th, 2017


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BESTEK has gone with our lovely customers for nearly ten years. Thanks everybody for your support to BESTEK and BESTEK products. From 2007 to 2017, BESTEK power inverters have been updated several times for higher performance, higher quality, better safety-guards and better using experience. In the threshold of BESTEK 10th anniversary, we’re glad to share our customers’ happy experience of BESTEK power inverters with more friends including to BESTEK customers, users, fans and other friends far away from us. We do hope that BESTEK power inverters can really benefit more people all over the world.

High Quality
BESTEK power inverters are made of high quality materials, flame-resistant and insulating. Solid construction of housing makes BESTEK inverters durable that can even stand in harsh environment. No matter what brand of product you have, the first thing a customer consider is product quality. Many customers choose BESTEK mainly because BESTEK products have reliable quality. Quality guaranteed products can ensure a longer lifespan and safer using environment. Look at the comments from BESTEK customers on BESTEK power inverters in terms of high quality.

This customer tested
300W BESTEK power inverter himself at home and showed us the final pictures of waveform.
"I use it for my laptop as I travel and it works fine. It has a cooling fan but I don't find it to be overly loud. It does what I want it to do. I attached a picture of an oscilloscope pattern I took of my unit with my laptop power cord attached to it. Not a bad waveform for the price. I attached a waveform of my house with the same scope settings for comparison."

 While the two customers compare BESTEK power inverters with other brands and finally concluded that BESTEK power inverters are the best.
“I have a few small portable solar projects where I have used various power inverters, and have to say for the price, this inverter surpassed them.”
“This thing is awesome! I had one of these before, by a different brand..I forgot which one. But it blew up randomly and so I was looking to get another one. I'm always hesitant to buy stuff onlune, but after looking up many different car power inverters, I went ahead and bought this one and I'm very glad I did!”

This customer comment along with pictures of his using experience.
“The components that came in the box are good quality and this did receive good reviews on other sites. This inverter needs a direct connect to get battery for the full 400 watts.”

Good performance
Nowadays, almost all power inverters are equipped with USB ports and AC outlets but there must be difference in functions. Only those who had used it can tell which one is really better. BESTEK power inverters range from 75W to 2000W, all designed with USB and AC charging stations. USB ports are built-in smart IC technology so that each port can automatically detect and deliver the fastest current to ensure your devices powered up in a short time. If there are more than one AC outlets, space between each outlet is broad enough to ensure multi-charging at the same time. Over these years, customers think highly of BESTEK power inverters reading with functions.

In 2011
"This was the clutch purchase for the weekend... We took a camping/road trip that required close to 12 hours on the road... I bought it with the two extension cords below. It was great for music, laptops and movies on the car ride as well as the air mattress pump, portable shower, phone charges and anything else that requires an outlet or USB port. It is not very large. Easily fit in my glove box.
In one word... CLUTCH!"

In 2014
"This is crazy, an available outlet in your vehicle that can run almost anything but a hairdryer or a toaster? Charging an iPad is no problem for it. I haven't had the need to plug a lot into it yet but I have a feeling it can easily handle lots of stuff. The internal fan that it has to keep it cool while running IS audible but not annoyingly so. Not too expensive but great to have when you need it. It's been worth the money I paid for it so far and seems to be a good value."

In 2017
"I'm so impressed with this product. It was all that I hoped it would be. The 2 foot power cord allowed us to plug the unit into the front seat cigarette lighter and easily place the unit in the backseat area. It provided ample charging power for 2 computers being used at the same time. It easily charged phones and iPads. We did not notice any issue of the fan being too loud - no complaints about noise from the unit. If it were possible to make it a little more compact, that is the only thing that I would change, however, we didn't have any trouble using it as is. The size is likely to make room for the very effective fan; we had no issues with overheating even though it was used for several hours at a time. I would definitely recommend this product!"

Safety Guard
BESTEK power inverters are built-in multiple protection systems, including overloading protection, overheating protection, over/low voltage protection, overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, etc. when using BESTEK
car power inverters according to the right instructions, you don’t have to worry about damages to your devices and avoid hidden risks when charging electronics.
“Lots of quality and doesn't heat up. Compact and easy to store.
I do recommend it.”
“This product has worked very well for me on 3 road trips. It's charged phones, Vapes, laptops, flashlights, and work spotlights during some camping. I've over powered the unit using a bench power supply to test it, and it shut off around 17 volts to prevent damage. I've also over drawn and tripped the unit to make sure it worked well. Very impressed with this, and plan to buy a stronger one soon”
“It has never overheated and it handles all 3 devices just fine! I would recommend this one.”

Ten years has passed away, while BESTEK customers have always been stood by our side. Thanks very much for the high comments on BESTEK power inverters. It is honored that BESTEK power inverters can really be helpful in our customers’ life. We’ll keep going and provide you better products and better services for you in the near future. To welcome BESTEK 10th anniversary and express our appreciation to our customers, there will be a celebration carnival on April 19th. Join us to get free gifts then!

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