Do You Have the Right In-car Holder for Cellphone?

2017-04-25 01:25:24


Cellphones seem to become a “must-have” companion for people today. No matter you stay at home or go out, cellphones are always to be with you. Recently, with fast updates of cellphone performances, especially the design of 4G networks and intelligent map, cellphones bring nice experience for car users. But it is important to place the smart phone well for safety guard at the time when using it, or it may cause transportation dangers.

As you know, navigation is indispensible when driving especially for a new driver. Cars are equipped with navigation system. Smart phones now also have GPS function which is more powerful than that a car originally has, so more and more drivers tend to use smart phones for navigation. But it is a headache to fix a smart phone in car. To solve this problem, most drivers choose to install a cellphone holder. Cellphone support is a good way, but facing with so many holder types for smart phones, are you dazzled? Actually, different support has its pros and cons.

1.    Suction cup phone holder

It is the most common way to use a suction cup support to fix a cellphone. Car suction mounts are easier to install and suitable for any kinds of automobiles. Just suck it on the car windshields like suck a recorder and sun shield. Every car has windshields. When using suction cup phone holder, you’d better install it lower-left corner of the windshield or under the center of it. In this way, drivers will find it convenient to see the navigation notes without diverting attention sharply and the safest way compared to other supports.

When choosing a suction cup holder for phones, you need to pay attention to its length, Holders too long or too short are not recommended. As you know, there are two purposes to fix your phone with a support – one is for voice guides; another is for map guides. Holders without a suitable length may not be able to support a cellphone which is not lightweight. If the support can’t be fixed firmly, cellphones may shake or even drop off, thus influencing your sights. Before installing a sucking cup holder, clean up the windshield in case it drops off.

2.    Cigarette lighter phone holder
There is also stylish phone holder that is a perfect combination of a holder and a charger. You can plug it in the cigarette lighter socket and charge your phone if the power is run out. But this holder is too bulky with big size and weights including the cellphone, which may seem too oppressive to the 12V power source. If the cigarette lighter socket is designed in the ashtray or the center armrests, it is impossible to use it in car. The cigarette lighter phone holder has limited applications.

3.    Air vent phone holder
Air vent phone holder is also a universal device for fixing a phone. This phone holder is fixed by clipping it in the gaps of car air vent. Different cars have different designs of the air vent. Commonly it is no problem to install it above the middle of the vent while it is not suitable to use it if the air vent is a little lower. If place it in a low position, it is not convenient to see the phone screen. It is dangerous to look down your phone while driving. Air vent phone holder is not recommended in winter. As you know, in winter, cellphones are easy to become heater when being used and air vent is used to release warm air that will add more heat to the phone and damage your device. When choosing this kind of phone holder, you’d better choose one with a rotatable head.

4.    Magnetic phone holder
Magnetic phone holder is popular recently. It is compact with a magnetic head and a sticker. It is firm enough to support a phone and flexible that you can stick it anywhere you want. For most people, magnetic cellphone may be the best choice as it is easy, portable and flexible. Some
magnetic phone holder requires you to paste a metal plate in the back of your phone but it is difficult to remove it if you don’t want it. That may be cumbersome. If you choose a magnetic holder for your phone, remember to stick the magnetic plate away from the Sim card slot.

The four cellphone holders are the most typical models in today’s market. Different model has its own advantages. You can choose one based on your requirements. One thing you need to keep in mind is that safety the first! No matter what cellphone holders you finally choose, drive carefully.

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