Essential Add-ons for your Electronic Gadgets

February 28th, 2017


Computer and Networking


Have you ever useful Bluetooth Keyboard or Laptop Cooling Pad?Today most of us use electronic gadgets in our professional andpersonal lives. Whether it be a laptop or mobile phones electronic gadgets havebecome an integral part of our lives. But their use can be made easier if wecan add a couple of other nifty tools to them.

If you have a tablet or iPad then you know how convenient they arefor day to day use. But a major issue with any tablets is that you have to typeusing the screen keyboards which are slow and not very user friendly. Forpeople who need to use it for official purposes like responding to emails, preparing presentations or excel sheets this can become very frustrating. Akeyboard that you use for your laptops or desktops cannot be used with tablets.The wireless laptop keyboards use infrared technology and need USB ports to power them.  But most tablets don’t support IR technologyor have USB ports to reduce size of the body. To use a full sized keyboard witha tablet you need to use a Bluetooth keyboard.

Bestek makes some high quality Bluetooth keyboards that can be used with case that can be used with Apple products.The case has a holder for the tablet with magnets that prevent it from slippingout. It also has useful features like auto sleep to save battery life when youare not using it. The case is made of high quality leather and has a premium feel to it. The keyboard is rechargeable and can work for up to 60 hours whenfully charged.

The other useful gadget in our lives is our laptop. Gone are thedays when you had a bulky desktop that could not be transported from place toplace easily. Laptops are highly versatile and today are as powerful as anydesktop. But laptops suffer from severe heating problems due to their thin formfactor. Laptops can reach high temperatures when playing games or running anydemanding programs. In desktops we had heavy duty fans to keep it cool. Butlaptops have smaller fans and vents which don’t provide best heat control. Youcan use a cooling pad from Bestek if you use your laptops for gaming or othertaxing processes. These not only keep your laptop cool but can also prolong the lifespan of your laptop. The Bestek laptop cooling pad givesquiet cooling performance and has 2 fans which help in keeping the laptop cool.

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