In-Car FM Transmitter

March 21st, 2017


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A FM transmitter is an electronic device that is widely used in car radio for drivers to enjoy radio broadcastings. By receiving different FM signal, the car stereo can broadcast the music or other sound. FM transmitter is a portable car kit that can cheer you up on the road.


You may be confused why the car stereo can broadcast all types of radio programs on the road only with the small FM transmitter. Actually, the FM transmitter is a bridge between audio output and FM signal. When receiving a specific audio output, an FM transmitter will convert it into FM signal that the car radio can detect and receive immediately. Then the radio can broadcast music and other sounds. It is a more practical and enjoyable way to play and share music from a certain music player or streaming online with other passengers. Different from other music devices, the FM transmitter needn’t too find available WiFi or bandwidth everywhere as the FM bandwidth can be found almost all of the world. And the music quality is better from a car radio then that from cell phones or other music devices as the car radio can harness the sound system more effectively.


The FM bandwidth works on a system of frequency. There are countless frequencies so that different broadcasters can reserve and use a fixed and specific frequency to broadcast their designated program and the space between each program can be used to play music, spread news or other audio programs. To ensure car radio can receive the FM broadcasting programs even at a long distance, the broadcasters often need to apply the strong antennae to send out the transmission. The FM transmission will scan the nearby frequency signals and detect the available frequency, then the music and other radio programs can be outputted though that specific frequency. No matter where you are, you can tune your radio and identified the frequency channels to project it in the form of music or other program types.

Car FM transmitters are widely used in cars, and also popular in office and personal use. While due to the limited signal range, the FM transmitter applications are also limited. Most FM transmitters can detect the frequency within a range of 30ft and some even more about 75ft. Within this area, you can freely switch the radio programs. While because of low output, the transmitters are not always suitable in large urban areas as there may be an interference from other frequencies. It also not perfect to be s

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