How Does a Coffee Machine Make Coffee?

April 27th, 2017


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Many people like drinking coffee nowadays. Drinking coffee is not only a way to keep awake but also stands for an elegant lifestyle. Coffee machines make it easier for coffee lovers to enjoy coffee. When enjoy the aroma of espresso coffee, have you ever wondered how the delicious coffee is made in such a short time? Here let’s come and check it out.

Working principle
A coffee machine can make delicious coffee fast because it applies the principle of Single Boiler Heat Exchanger. From this principle, it can be concluded from this principle that the larger a boiler room is, the lower temperature difference will be in the process of making coffee so that the influence from temperature difference will be reduced accordingly. To better know about this principle, we need to know its development.

Almost all
coffee makers, no matter it is Pavoni or steam pressure coffee machines, have been designed with only one boiler since the first commercial coffee machine was released by Bezzera inn 1901. Under the boiler is the hot water for making coffee and above the boiler is to provide steam to make water into coffee. The water must be heated continuously until it comes close to boiling point that can burn the coffee powder. More Bitter coffee essence is extracted at the cost of losing its aroma deep inside the powder. Temperature difference is important but the hot water temperature difference will become larger because of the usage of steam, thus also increasing the temperature difference of water to make coffee. And water which is heated for a long time will influence the flavor of coffee. To improve this problem, Ernesto Valente invented FAEMA, the world’s first coffee maker which worked by bumping pressure. This model changed the heating method of making coffee. The water for making coffee doesn’t have to contact heat source directly but uses the water-jacket heating mode. In this mode, heat water in the boiler circulates so that the temperature of making coffee each time are almost the same, no matter you make one cup of coffee in one hour or make hundreds cups of coffee one time. The water-jacket heating mode can help keep water fresh and reduce temperature difference at the same time. This is also the principle of exchanger which is widely used today like Italian coffee machine.

Category & Features
Since enjoying coffee become a kind of lifestyle in life, coffee machines have been designed more and more intelligently and portable. There are not only semi-auto coffee machines, but also full-automatic coffee machines. No matter at home, or at office, a coffee machine can meet all demands of coffee.

Semi-automatic coffee machine
Semi-automatic coffee machine is a traditional Italian coffee machine. This coffee machine mills powder, press powder, load powder, brew and clear residue, orderly like human force. These models are mainly used in Italy for home or big shopping mall. They are compact and easy to maintain. But an operator can’t make high quality coffee without being trained strictly.

Full-automatic coffee machine
With repaid development of technology, people apply electronic technology to
coffee machines and make it real to finish a complete coffee making process automatically, including warming up, cleaning, powder milling, powder pressing and brewing. High quality coffee can be made under precise technical statics and procedure and has full protection system, so it is easy to operate. But the structure of this model is complex, so you may have to cost more to maintain it. But due to its portability, fast speed, high efficiency, more and more people tend to choose it. Most manufacturers of full-automatic coffee machine come from Switzerland, German and Italy. Full-automatic coffee machines can make 60~280 cups of coffee per hour, ideal for office and home.

Drinking coffee is a traditional lifestyle, firstly in Europe countries, America, then Asia, and all around the world. Even for business, coffee becomes an important formality when receiving a guest. Up to now, coffee machine make it possible for people to enjoy coffee easily at home or at office. Choose a suitable coffee maker and enjoy a better lifestyle.

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