How to Use a Car Jump Starter Safely?

April 28th, 2017


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A car jump starter can bring a lot of convenience for car users when the car stalls on the road suddenly. While hidden dangers are also possible when using car jump starters. It is important to learn how to use your jump starter in a safe way.

Precautions for using a car jump starter
Before you attempting to jump start your vehicle by using a
jump starter, here are few things you need to know as follows:
1.    Check what the max displacement of the jump starter can bear. Serious damages will be caused to the unit if the engine requirements exceed its maximum bearable replacement.
2.    Ensure that your jump starter is fully charged for the best performance. It may not be able to start your engine if the battery is less than 25%.
3.    Make sure that the jump starter is turned off before you attempting to connect it with the car’s battery.
4.    Confirm that your car’s radio, light, GPS and other electronic appliances are turned off.
5.    Please connect the positive and negative polarities with clamps separately and correctly. Don’t connect them reversely or contact each other, or let it connected by a conductor in some way.
6.    Please allow at least 30 seconds for jump starters to cool down after each jump start. The time to crank an engine shouldn’t be more than 4 seconds.
7.    Keep your jump starter away from flammable liquids or other combustibles.

Steps of operate the jump starter
1.    Pull the handle brake, keep the clutch in Neutral, and turn off all the starter’s keys.
2.    Put the jump starter on the ground or somewhere stable, away from the engine, straps and flammable liquids.
3.    Connect the jump cables to the jump starter. This step can be ignored if your jump starter is designed with jump cable.
4.    Connect the jumper clamps to the positive and negative terminals correctly. When your car and jump starter are turned off completely, connect the positive clamp to the positive terminal of the vehicle and connect the negative clamp to the vehicle’s chassis that is stable. Make sure that the two clamps are fully connected so that it won’t be easy to loose and drop off when the car starts and shake. It is also useful car users to connect the negative clamp to the vehicle’s battery negative terminal. In fact it is generally the same to connect the negative clamp to the battery terminal of the car or to the stable chassis of the vehicle.  When connecting the negative clamp to the vehicle’s negative battery, you need to know that the vehicle’s battery may give off hydrogen gas and a fire or explosion may be caused, either, though these are slim chances to occur. Considering this, you’d better connect the negative clamp to the vehicle’s metal frame.
5.    Confirm whether the two jumper clamps are correctly and stably connected.
6.    Turn on the ignition of your vehicle and jump start your car. If the car can’t be started successfully for the first time, please don’t crank the engine immediately and continuously for more than 5 seconds, or overheating will damage the battery of your car. As the jump starter will deliver its maximum current in short bursts, so it is necessary to allow the battery to cool down and recover battery of the jumper for 2~3 minutes between each 5-second jumping attempts. This can help jump starter to deliver highest peak current again and ensure a longer battery life.
7.    If your vehicle engine is successfully started, please turn off the jump starter quickly, remove the negative cable and positive cable successively, and pack the cables and jump starter in your car kit box safely.
8.    It is better to recharge the jump starter as soon as possible. Before allowing enough time to cool it down, you can recharge it immediately, because keeping battery always in the status of fully charged can help to get maximum battery life.
9.    Nowadays many jump starters are designed with USB ports, enabling you to charge mobile devices for emergency use. You can charge your smartphones, iPad, tablets, kindles, etc, but please don’t mix using the charging cables.

 Get the best jump starter for safer use
A better jump starter can reduce damages from potential dangers when using jump starters. In order to provide more convenience and safety for car users, BESTEK has updated
car jump starters with higher quality materials and better functions. Multiple protection systems can help to avoid or reduce damages of potential dangers when using a jump starter.

600A jump starter
1.    Suitable to jump start your vehicle with max of 5L or 3L gas diesel engine for about 20 times.
2.    Features 600An peak current.
3.    Equipped with 2 USB cables with IC tech, allow you to charge 2 mobile devices at the same time at the fastest speed automatically.
4.    10000mAh large capacity external battery enables you to charge your devices in urgent situation.
5.    Built-in overheating and short-circuit protections, can protect your devices from damages.


Keep the guides of precautions and operation steps in mind; you can get the best from your jump starter. Choose the best car jumper and use it safely.

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