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April 18th, 2017


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Laptops are widely used no matter for business in office or for pleasure like playing games and searching the Internet. Those people who need to use laptops frequently or for a long time may find a common problem that the device is easy to become hot when being operated. High operation temperature is easy to result in reduction of operation efficiency. So it is necessary to adopt a cooling method. A laptop cooling pad is an active and effective cooling method which can not only cool the operated laptops but can keep laptop users from heating.

Why a laptop cooler is needed?
Most computer components are designed with integrated circuits. As is known to us all, overheating is the biggest enemy for integrated circuits. High operation temperature can not only lead to an unstable operation system, but can shorten computer’s lifespan, and even burn down some important components. It is not the external factors that result high operation temperature, but factors inside the computer itself or the internal integrated circuits. A cooler is used for taking in the heat and send it out to the inside or outside of the case to keep computer components in a normal temperature. Most radiators absorb heat when connected directly with the overheating parts and then spread heat to the distance by the same method. There are many types of radiators for different components, including coolers for CPU, video card, hard disk, case, etc. In terms of cooling methods, laptop coolers can be divided into active cooling methods like air-cooled radiator and passive cooling method like cooling fin.

Why a cooling pad is useful?

As mentioned above,
laptop coolers are rather necessary to keep laptops operate normally. Commonly, a laptop or a computer comes with radiators for some important components. But for those laptops or computers which have been used for several years, the heat resistant capability is weakened year by year. Though, the main reason for overheating results come from device itself, outer factors can’t be neglected, either. In hot summer days or under somewhere with high temperature, computers can’t fully drive the heat away. If you still use your device in an overheating atmosphere, it is easy to make your device or some important computer components burnt down. Some people rely on an electric fan, air conditioner to cool down the heated device, but the methods of fans and air conditioners are not only environmental friendly but it is harmful for human health in this environment. A cooling pad is an active cooling method that can efficiently reduce the operation temperature.

Operation principles of a cooling pad
There are mainly two dissipation principles for laptops. The first one is thermal conductive principle in physics. When a plastic or a metal cooling pad is put into the bottom of a laptop, the laptop is raised up to promote air circulation and heat radiation, in which way can achieve the dissipation efficiency. The second one is to install multiple cooling fans under the bottom to realize cooling effect. The two ways differ in the form of air circulation. Turbulence flow which belongs to active cooling is generated when blowing, but if the wind pressure is too high, it is easy to result in resistance loss. Electronic fans used in hot summer will generate laminar flow when absorbing heat, which is pertain to passive cooling method. Theoretically speaking, in a open area, heat exchange efficiency of turbulence flow is higher than that of laminar flow, but the laptop and dissipation base actually form a closed space, so the method by absorbing air to emit heat is more suitable for wind flow design standards.

Components of a cooling pad
A cooling pad is designed with a simple structure usually made of metal or plastic housing and 2~4 built-in fans. The fans can charged by connected with laptop via USB port or charged by an external battery. Some cooling pads have more than one USB ports. When choosing a
cooling pad for laptops, you need to confirm the position of main components. A good cooling pad can better cover the parts that are easy to heat up. Some fans have an independent switch. You can choose one anti-skid or that has a fixed structure according to your personal requirement.

A laptop cooling pad is an active and effective cooling method to keep your laptop operating in a normal temperature and guarantee a longer lifespan. Laptop coolers is necessary for computer users especially those who need to use computers frequently.

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Love it!! especially my Laptop is getting old, and it's overheating a lot, this comes handy. " Must Have"

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