What You Should Do Before Traveling with Motorhome?

May 2nd, 2017


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Traveling is an agreeable experience that everyone wants. There are many ways to start your happy journey, among which the most popular ways are group biking trip, self-driving traveling, traveling by a train or a plane. However, another way, motorhomes are less used compared with the above ordinary ways. Motorhome is just like a mobile home which is of course the coziest way for family or group traveling. In the motorhome, you can find everything you expect. You can make a delicious dinner, start a small party, or just lie on bed while enjoy music. Though you are in a place far away from home, you may not feel any incompatibility as you’re traveling with your mobile home. To get more enjoyment in your motorhome during a trip, you need to be ready for something.

Vehicle check before traveling
1.    Check tire pressure and tread depth; check whether the tire external surface has thread crack or any sign of premature aging.
2.    Make sure that hand brake is workable and flexible – relax and tense the hand brake repeatedly for several times. If it is possible, get some lubricants to adjust the brake in a suitable position.
3.    Adjust the gas tank and make sure all parts can work normally.
4.    Check the battery. When you don’t use the motorhome, remove the battery and charge it, especially when the motor hasn’t been used for a long time.
5.    Check the components that are easy to get aging like water pipe, gas circuit. Get a new replacement once you find it unworkable.
6.    Ensure all the lights to work normally and keep each connector clean and dry.
7.    Tidy up the surface inside and outside of the motorhome and use polishing paste to protect the surface.
8.    If your motor has sunshade, check whether it is complete.
9.    Check all the circuit and make sure all appliances and electronics work well, especially the 220V appliances.

Prepare for enough food
Foods are indispensible when you go out for traveling. But foods are easy to go bad, while some dinning places provide spoiled foods for travellers which is very harmful to health. Therefore, take care when have a dinner outside. In this case, it is better for those who have motorhomes which can provide enough power to support appliances like wok,
refrigerator, electronic cooker or pressure cooker, coffee machine and other cooking appliances. Having these appliances, you don’t have to worry about the food storage and cooking problem, in turn, you can enjoy nice meal every day.

Get complete daily necessaries

The motorhome can allow you to place a desk, sofa, bed, and other simple daily necessaries.
1.    As there is some simple furniture like table, bed, sofa, and other necessaries, you can enjoy music, audios and videos freely in car.
2.    Compared to private cars, motorhomes are larger so that you can change clothes according to weather changing.
3.    Prepare your pajamas if there are several people in the motorhome.
4.    To keep the motorhome clean, you’d better bring your slippers.
5.    Bring a water bottle and get water you need every time you arrive at a destination in order to save water.
6.    Make sure your wash bag and cases are small and soft in case of being cracked up.
7.    Prepare some medicines in case of carsickness, hurt, and illness.
8.    Bring necessary electronics, including cellphones, tablets, ipads, cameras, and chargers like
power inverter used for cars, power strip for multi charging, and jump starter for jumping your car if your car installs.

Choose destinations
Most travellers choose destinations according to personal hobbies but have you ever considered the factors like weather, climate, personal health, and local customs and culture? Though traveling with motorhomes is freer and more convenient so that you can plan where to go as you want, you need also to consider more to make your journey happier. The same locations give people different feelings with different landscapes as they vary from season to season. If you want to go to somewhere with hills and mountains, you’d better consider the climate. Some places have their own best viewing time so choose the best places according to your starting time.

Traveling with motorhomes is a free lifestyle that you can enjoy beautiful landscapes with families or friends freely without costing more. Motorhomes just look like your mobile home that you can go forward, stop, visit the landscapes or have a rest as you like. Remember these tips before starting a happier motorhome traveling.

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