To Be a Housewife or a Househusband, You Need 5 Smart Kitchen Appliances

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Kitchen appliances make life easier. At present, many people tend to spend sometime in the kitchen to keep away from work stress and daily hassles. To make a delicious meal is good way that can not only cultivate your taste, improve your cooking skill and nourish your stomach. No matter you want to be a housewife or a househusband, you should have some something in the kitchen.

Kitchen appliances can be divided into several types according to using purposes, ranging from kitchen health appliances like dish-washing machine, tableware drying oven and disinfection cabinet, cooking appliances like pressure cooker, microwave oven and coffee machine, n appliances like juice extractor, com popper and yogurt machine. The more kitchen appliances, the smarter a kitchen will be. While in fact, most of people don’t have a kitchen with luxury space to place too many appliances. Of course, you don’t have to. A wise housewife or a househusband may choose suitable and functional appliances according to your kitchen’s size, budget and daily cooking needs. Here are several kitchen appliances that a housewife or a househusband should have.

1.    Pressure cooker

Pressure cooker is an electrical device to cook rice. Different from traditional rice cooker or slow cooker, pressure cooker is much smarter and faster. Some pressure cooker has time schedule function so that you can leave it to cook after setting the probable time. Adopted the principle of pressure and water boiling point, pressure cooker reduced cooking time effectively. Moreover, the pressure cooker is multi-functional that you can use it to cook in many ways.
•stew the rice. But you need to grasp well the amount of water, about 1.5 times of the rice amount.
•stew nutritional soup, like stew ribs, porker leg, lamb chops, etc. It is convenient and time-saving that you can let it cook alone after putting foods, water and dressings. Note that the water should be too much as the water can’t fully evaporate inside the pressure cooker.
•cook congee. Congee made by pressure cooker is much thicker.
•cook other dishes. You can search on the internet to know more cooking menus.

2.    Coffee machine
Drinking coffee has become a sentimental lifestyle and coffee has become a dispensable part of people’s daily life and working life. While for those who are busy with work, to have an automotive electric
coffee machine is undoubtedly a good way to save time and release hands. Actually there are full automatic and semi-automatic coffee machine but full automatic coffee machines seem more popular. In your spare time, it is interesting to learn making a delicious coffee at home and enjoy it in a wonderful weekend afternoon. Using a coffee machine is not difficult and you needn’t take much time on it by using a full automatic one. A coffee machine doesn’t occupy much space of kitchen and no clutter. To make your lifestyle stylish, you should have a coffee machine.

3.    Blender/Juice extractor
Blender and
juice extractor both can make a cool and tasty fruit juice or vegetable juice. A blender is multi-purposed. You can use it to mix up eggs, milkshake, make juice and soybean bilk. As for blender, there are countertop blender and immersion blender. An immersion blender are reliable and can help you save much space. If you choose a countertop blender, there are higher standards on its sheer power and versatility. In terms of a juice extractor, it also has stirring function. But if you want to drink juice, it is better to have a juice extractor. If you just want to stir and blend something, you can have a blender. For those who want to make soybean milk, there is no difference to use a blender or a juice extractor. Choose a blender or a juice extractor based on personal preference.

4.    Electric Kettle
Devices that can heat up water include traditional boiler and electric water heater as well as electric kettles. Traditional water boiler has almost need replaced by electric water heater and kettles. To boil water for drinking and cooking, an electric kettle is essential. Some people may think it is necessary to have one kettle in kitchen as water can be boiled by other appliances. Of course you can, but you’ll find it easier and can’t stop using it once you use it. An electric kettle can boil water or coffee in a fast way. Stainless steel housing, it is durable and easy to get washed. In winter, use the kettle to boil water for face washing, feet washing; when stewing a delicious soup, add the boiled water easily if need more soup. In morning, use it to make a cup of coffee or tea, to make a healthier and cozier life.

5.    Refrigerator
Food storage is a troublesome problem for most housewives. Not to say daily leftovers after a meal, you may find it a real problem that so many leftovers are here again after entertaining a group of friends or relatives. Throw them away, too wasteful. A refrigerator can help you drive away these troubles. There is a freezing and a freezer storage in a
refrigerator. You can put meats in the freezer storage and fruit, vegetable, eggs and other common foods in the freezing storage. A refrigerator can keep a stable low temperature so that the food can be kept fresh for some time. There are multiple sizes of refrigerators. Choose one suitable refrigerator with moderate size according to your kitchen size and daily needs. Apart from storing leftovers, a refrigerator can also store fresh fruits and vegetables so that you don’t need to buy vegetables everyday and start to cook a dinner directly.

To be a smart housewife or a househusband, smart and helpful kitchen appliances are necessary. The five appliances talked above are only several kinds in a perfect kitchen can meet ordinary cooking requirements as well. Of course, you may regard other kitchen appliances as essential based on different cooking styles and personal tastes. Choose suitable and smart kitchen appliances to make a smarter cooking and living lifestyle.

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