Are You Using Oil Diffuser Properly?

May 6th, 2017


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Essential oil diffuser is beneficial to human body. But as senor doctors recommend, it is necessary to keep long-term maintenance of oil diffusers to ensure clear and safe humidifying mist, or the air is easily contaminated by bacteria, impurities and dust, thus causing respiratory diseases. It is also important to use air purifier properly. Misusage of oil diffusers can not only be harmful to human health, but also unsafe. Are you using your oil diffuser properly? Let’s look whether you’re misusing it but not realizing that yet.

Misuse one: add tap water into the humidifier? No!
Adding tap water is rather easily, while many people don’t realize that there are many kinds of mineral substances in the tap water which can bring damages to the diffuser. And the thermonatrite in the tap water can affect its lifespan. Tap water contains oxygen molecule and vitamin which may be sent out into the air with the mist and pollute the fresh air. If the water hardness is too high, the mist from the diffuser will contain calcium and magnesium which can cause polluting white powder.

Misuse two: use oil diffuser uninterruptedly? No!
Though keep air fresh and moist is beneficial, if use it too frequently, the air in the living room will become too wet to jeopardize human you and your family’s health. When the air is too wet, the pinecone hormones in human body will also increase after breathing the wet air, thus reducing the concentration of thyroid hormones and epinephrine in human body and making you easily get lazy, dispirited and fond of sleep.

Misuse three: add sanitizer into the diffuser? No!
Have you ever wanted to add some sanitizer into the diffuser with the hope of killing germs or insects? If so, just stop it right now! Adding into sanitizer is actually atomizing it and sending it into the air. If people breathe it in, it will simulate epithelial cells in the lung and bronchus. If the concentration of sanitizer is too high, be careful that it can cause respiratory injury.

Misuse four: add vinegar into the diffuser? No!
Yes, the vinegar with high concentration has bactericidal effects, but the concentration of table vinegar is so low that even you add it into the diffuser, it is impossible to emit mist with enough concentration and function to kill bacteria and on the contrary, the air with vinegar will simulate pharyngeal mucosa and cause respiratory discomfort.


Misuse five: add indigowoad root or essential oil? No!
Indigowoad root is a kind of dissolved medicines that should be digested by human intestinal tract and can’t be digested by respiratory tract. It is not recommended to add some volatile products like oils and floral water. These volatile products contain chemical elements that may simulate respiratory tract and trigger asthma of people with allergic.

Misuse six: put the diffuser beside appliances? No!

If your
humidifier is put beside appliances or furniture, put it on a flat plane 0.5m to 1.5m high and keep about 1m distance from appliances and furniture. If there is carpet in your room, you’d better not to use oil diffuser, because the carpet is easy to get wet if the mist drops on it and breed germs.

Misuse seven: never wash your diffuser? No!
How long haven’t you clean up the air purifier? You know that if the diffuser can’t be cleaned up regularly, some molds may be hidden in the container and be sent out in the form of mist into the room. People with weakened immune systems are easy to get pneumonia and respiratory tract infection.

After knowing the above seven misusages of oil diffuser, are you using your oil diffuser in a proper way? To help you feel assured to use the diffuser, here are several notes for you.
1.    Stop use it every two hours and open the window to allow the air to circulate.
2.    Add purified water into the diffuser, or use the boiled tap water after it cools down.
3.    Change the water every day and clean it up every week.

To keep air fresh, there are also other ways apart from
air purifier:
1.    Feed some green plants which are small but can effectively emit oxygen like bracketplant, aloe, snake plat, etc. Put one or two plants in the room and water them regularly.
2.    Put a basin of water on the floor or mop the floor regularly.
3.    Hang some wet towels or clothes in the living room.

Using oil diffuser properly and live a better life.

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